My First Experience

google-adsenseMaking money is one idea that has sold since money was invented. There is no one who is not interested if he hears there is another way he or she can make money from what he or she does. So millions of people on earth feel that there is need to make money in order to keep going. I think this is also healthy. But there is an ugly side to this. Some people, or should I say many people want cheaper ways of making money while they are doing the hard things. As a result they cheat to make it work. That was not actually my experience but I was almost a victim.

Google Adsense is a programme designed by Google to help spread meaningful advertisement messages to people who use the internet. It collects money from advertisers and pay part to Google and part to people who own blogs or websites. So I joined Google Adsense programme when it takes only 24 hours to set up a paying system. It was very easy to start google adsense and even start earning money. So I was carried away by my success.

A short time after, I organized a training session with some workers of Nitel in Nigeria. Nitel was in charge of Nigeria Telecommunication until a government policy brought in other private players. sadly, Nitel was sold half-way. This selling was detrimental to staff who neither received their due salaries in arrears not received any payment for the severance which finally occurred. This resulted in untold hardship. So for the smart ones, the best option was to locate how they can start creating their own cash instead of endlessly waiting for the government to pay them. My seminars and workshops targeted Nitel workers then. It was after the last seminar with them that I introduced my blog which contained the adsense flags on it.

Within 24 hours, I had irrelevant clicks that resulted in Google banning my already approved Google Adsense. After that time I did not apply again until recently when I applied for and got another approval. That experience showed me how risky it was to reveal you blog during seminars without announcing the implication of your students clicking on your ads.

Well, if the students you teach decide to follow your ads because they visited your website, it is nothing bad in itself. I do believe that so long as those ads were not because you induced them, you should earn. what is more important than creating an audience and why would you create an audience if you cannot take these ones to your source of money making.

Then comes my simple advice.

Educate your students especially if you meet them one on one.

If possible, mention your blogs and talk nothing about the ads running on them.

Be sure that the ads will attract them to clicks same way the butterfly can be attracted by a flower. Remember that if you chase the butterfly, it will fly away. But if you present a flower and stay still it will follow you home. same goes with making money from google adsense and making money in general.

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