Why We Still Struggle to Make Money Online

Before I started writing on making money online, I read many articles from many people. Most of what I read were junks copied from other junk sites. After spending reasonable time online, I saw that there is a way you can easily identify sites you can rely upon. There are websites that have become known for dishing out first-class make-money-online information. Most of these are free articles whose writers have already created huge investments online simply by giving free.

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I spent considerable time reading those junks, believe me. I read some articles that I saw they were just blowing up their figures. Do you think I regret the time I spent in all the junks I read? Nay! I didn’t one bit. Instead I tried to learn something from whatever I read no matter how blown up or unrelated they could be.

I also saw one thing unique about most of those sights that cannot lead you well to success. Guess what it is! They hardly stay on Google Adsense programme. It is either that Google will refuse to accept them to the programme or that they will get banned sooner or later. Arm yourself with this information and you will be surprised how you can avoid some of the mistakes we made as starters. I can comfortably tell you today that I cannot be lured into articles that are not worth spending my time on. This is not because of being a master in online business but because I have learnt certain tricks over time.


Everybody Wants to make Money Online

We have heard many people preach that you can make money online as easily as anything easy. Well, this is a statement no successful online business man can dispute. But there are hidden truths you will not know except you are willing to learn them. Do you know why you continue to hear those goody goody stories? Those are what sales. You may not listen to me if I should always preach hardship. People prefer to hear the easy way out. The truth is, making money online is simply what it is -making money. There is no method of making money that is easy. If you first grab this mentality, you will not give up when you start experiencing the hard part it as you progress.

Now as we hear each day that making money online is about the easiest way we close up whatever we are doing and venture online. We will start asking google to reveal to us how to make money online.

I read a friend’s blog and he wrote:

It usually goes like this:

You were kind of broke and was searching on the internet on How to make money on the internet.  After all you had heard about all these success stories!

You see an article that talks about how the author made $$$$$$ in one month from the internet. 

You then decided to try and see if you can make something similar (If not more).

You also notice, that most of the people showing their income report on the internet are in the internet marketing and blogging niche. So, you also decided to venture into the same niche even without carrying out any research to know how it works. 

So, you create your own blog and start struggling and praying for miracle to happen………Sorry, it doesn’t happen that way.

If you’re going to create a popular blog in any niche, you must start from researching and knowing what’s happening in that niche. This will enable you to know if it’s worth your time or not.

The internet is inundated with so many *fake* information on how to make money blogging. That’s why so many people usually give up after awhil..

Most people are too lazy to do the necessary underground work needed to build a lasting and sustainable business on the internet today. If you’re one of them, you will always get scammed.  “

Believe me, this is true of most of us. Some continue to live with the illusion that they will start raking in money after spending a few weeks of making posts online. Well friend, if there is any one person who can advice you on what to do and succeed online, it’s me. Why? I made the whole mistakes you have made and others you may still make. I felt the wrong things about making money online. I practiced the wrong acts, I also suffered the most penalties. I know of one of my students, on hearing that google pays for clicks arranged for his friends to make clicks on his new blog. with 24 hours, his blog has earned him up to $100. Wow! He discovered a gold mine. Throughout the night he continues then to manipulate on how to make $10,000 in one month. He started calling others like us fools because we wouldn’t toe this fraudulent lane. But to his surprise, his google adverts stopped running and he felt it was a fault. As usual, he jumped to his adsense control panel to check his earning only to find that his account was suspended with all the earnings in it.

Uncountable are the mistakes that prevent millions of aspiring online entrepreneurs from making money online. I call them Online Mistakes You must avoid to be able to make real money online. I am telling with the authority of what I know that making money online can never be easier if you can master what to do and what not to do while you go to work online.

SO friend, don’t just start making posts and feel that you can start making money online with writing plenty of words. Do you know that only you could be the one reading all the posts you are making. If this is happening to you the worst thing about it is that you will hardly know it’s happening to you.

It is also possible that you learnt that you need to promote your online business to be able to progress further. This is true. But do you know that your adverts can be avoided? They can as well hit the rocks.

But I want you to know that you can attract people to want to read from you. I still follow my mentors online. I will be among the first individuals who read their articles as soon as they are published.

In my next post, I am going to show you 15 reasons people fail to make money online and what you can do about that. That article is a sequel to this one. Do not miss out because I have taken my time to analyse mistakes I had made and compared them to those of other gurus. Guess what I found! We all made the same mistakes. You can be making same mistakes. The fact that I am making money online today reveals that any other person can do the same.

So Read the next post to find out 15 things you can do or avoid to do in order start making money online. I want you to know that once you make money online and avoid these minor but costly mistakes, it is possible that your online empire will continue to grow and you will make money endlessly.

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