MIBHonestly, you are fortunate to be reading this information.

You are home to one of the perfect gifts of your year. Just yesterday, I gave out this book for N10,500. I have been publishing information about this manual of National dailies since 2011. Ever since then, I have been selling copies of Mini Importation Business Manuals like wildfire. But I suddenly changed my mind to give it out for only 2 week. Please know that after 2 weeks I will revert the price to N10,500.



I still don’t know exactly but that may not be unconnected to the question one of my students asked me on Wednesday. He was a complete novice when I met him but he is catching up now. He wanted to know, why would Google and other Big online companies give off their high valued products and services for free and they are still making profit?

He was unsatisfied when I quickly threw to him the best known answer to many people -they make their money through adverts. This answer would have been the best if not for his next question and he asked me, “Does Whatsapp do commercials on their applications?” Then I said No! He continued, “Why then did facebook spend up to $22 Billion to purchase Whatsapp if adverts is all there is to make? This amount is more than the total of Nigeria’s budget for 2016.”

I hadn’t reasoned that way but I knew there was something I needed to know more. Then I got my findings and I will be posting them on this blog soon.

So, as I continued to reason on why everything given free makes money, I directed attention to my most valuable product. This is my first breakthrough on Information Marketing. In 2011 alone, I made more than 2 million Naira from selling the Mini Importation Business. My wife would rightly call it free money because some people will call me 1am to ask about the product and how I can send it to them. The very first day the advert was made on the Guardian Newspaper, I answered 82 calls and had more than 35 messages requesting information about the MIB. Same day I sols 25 copies. At the time I was selling the MIB infor product at N5,500.

I made N5,500 X 15 = N137,500

And the date was August 18th, 2011.


After my sales success that week my next advert took the price up to N10,500 till yesterday. I have updated the MIB manual 4 times.



You are fortunate because I am offering this product free to all persons who have followed the offer from my Blog Nation Facebook page. This is one way I wish to say thank you for following me on the BlogNation. I am so grateful.

You may like to Read Some Details About the Mini Importation Business on My Personal Website, you are free to do that. Nevertheless, I am briefly going to review the chapters for you. That on its own can convince you that you are not invited to garbage. Also know that instead of refund requests, I have always gotten encouraging feedback and quests for mentorship from my past readers. You can be one of them if after reading this material and you are pleased with me.

I implore you to send a FEEDBACK to me and I will publish your kind words.



Chapter One

This chapter introduces the book and especially highlighting reasons Nigeria Netpreneurs should venture into Mini Importation Business. This chapter shows that Mini Importation does not require huge capital instead with as little as N5,000 you are good to go

It also shows that payment is easy and smart. You don’t wait for days to make payments clear. Again, you can seek a refund quickly if what you applied for is not what is supplied. You know what, the seller does not receive the money you pay until you are satisfied with the goods he sold to you. This is made possible with the application of ESCROW to the MIB programme.


Chapter Two

Chapter two tells true life stories of people who succeed everyday in Mini Importation Business. This part was joined after the update in 2012 when I started getting feedback from my readers. One of them Dr. Charles said he had spent money trying to buy reliable solar system for his hospital. He got nothing close to what he got after reading my manual. Till today, Dr. Charles still lights up his hospital with solar system he bought from those platforms I taught about.


Chapter Three

Many people doubt that they will succeed with Mini Importation Business. Some do not even believe it. This chapter shows you Why and how you can succeed. It tells you my very mistakes which you will do everything to avoid. I have lost all the money you could lose, and I have made the mistakes for you. And now you have a well refined and better packaged template to help you succeed.


Chapter Four

If you fail to think safety/security first, consider yourself ruined. This chapter exposes you to scam and fraud possibilities. It teaches you how to recognize fraudulent websites whose main intention is to steal you card details and thereafter steal your money. It also shows you how to identify fraudulent suppliers.

epaycoverMeanwhile, if you have not read my book The Global e-Payment System, Sell to the World and Receive Cash in Nigeria With the New International ATM Cards, CONTACT ME NOW to get a Copy. You can also READ THE REVIEW OF MY e-PAYMENT BOOK on my Personal Website.


Chapter Five

Chapter five is the straight-to-business chapter. It takes you step-by-step of all the approaches you will follow to succeed in Mini Importation Business. How to register for the programme, wherer to get what, who will give information you need, how to source products, how to avoid scrap, how to make payment, how to track your order, how to go about clearing both for small and for big order, etc, etc.


Chapter Six



Friend, I have been importing since 2009. I have done Mini Importation and heavy importation using the same exact techniques I have taught in this book. So I am in very good position to give you a guide and trust me, you will succeed if you follow them


By the way what do you stand to lose?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing!!

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