Have you ever created a Facebook page and load it with meaningful and reasonable information that you feel the public would enjoy and love but after coming back to your page a week later only 20 likes are available. This has happened to me before so I know how frustrating this can be especially if you have a pointer to a money making blog.

This is one of the challenges people who plan to drive their traffic from Facebook face. It is proper to point out that the problem is neither the information nor the messenger is the main problem. The problem is the same thing as when you create a very good product and you did not take it to the market. The sales you will make are those from close friends and relatives whom you may have directed straight to the store. Just like the product, your facebook page can only drive traffic and earn enough clicks if people know something about it.

Marketing a page is not an easy task. It doesn’t also come cheap. Do you remember one of my posts where I mentioned that FREE is NOT FREE. In the article, Often people would ask, how do Facebook make money and remain as one of top stocks on the planet earth. Well, this is one way.

If you create a page that you want your friends to read or you have made your business or company page and you want people to see what you are up to, it is not unreasonable to think that you will get a free pointer at facebook that will pop up all your friends on the list and with a click you push you page info to them.

This is where online business people who depend on facebook have their challenge. Facebook demands that any page that MUST spread with ease to people must pass through advertisement powered by Facebook. So facebook expects that you will pay to make people see your page and then read about you.

This has caused a lot of discouragement for people who wish to reach more people in less time. But there is something Facebook to give you a test of publishing your pages to people. They allow you to manually send invites to your friends one after the other. If you have the maximum friendship base of 5000 friends and you have 2 seconds to send each advert, it will take you close to 3hrs to send invite messages to all your friends. This will never be a cheap expense for someone whose internet time matters a great deal.

Are you wasting your time here? Let us see some reasons you need a facebook page and what you can achieve having some facebook pages. This will help you know why facebook insists that page owners will pay to sponsor them.


Reason No1

If you are into online business, you will find out that people are not easily gotten to read lengthy posts. But before you can sell anything online you need to convince your buyer with plenty of words and proofs. After all, your buyer may not have met you anytime. If you post lengthy items on your facebook posts, it is likely that people will only skip them.

So to get people to read lengthy posts with you, kindly create a page and launch your conviction on that page. And post a short message to attract people to read your page.


Reason No2

Posts are easily missed. I have more than 3,500 friends on facebook and more than 85% make posts at least once a week. I hardly see posts that are made 20 minutes behind me. Think about how many posts I will not know that they exist because they were posted 1 hour ago. Think about my friends making very useful posts and thinking that I will see them. To beat this challenge, the best is make the posts deliver as notifications. How? Create a page and make the posts inside your page/s.


Reason No3

Posts are not good for campaigns but pages are perfect. You can create a page, a group, or an event to launch any business to people because they willingly accepted you to advertise to them freely.

So pages are sued for business and very big organizations today have pages that say volumes about them.


Reason No4

You may think of sharing a post and feel that every member will view it. That is wrong. Share does not deliver to notifications except that your friend re-shares the post. This is one advantage pages have over sharing posts. It takes page details and links straight to notifications and no matter when your friend comes online, he sees whats on notification.


Reason No5

Pages are very useful in promoting blogs. I use both my facebook pages and blogs together. Look at how I do this. I make a post on my blog, write on my Facebook Page , and then take people to my Page. As they read short message from my facebook page, they will become interested to read the full information and that can only be found at your blog. This is a very special way to attract traffic to your blog. Remember that anything that can bring traffic to your blog is capable of making you rich.


Reason No6

Use your facebook page to sell your information product. You do not need to market your friends. So it will be dangerous if you will always be making business posts on your whats-on-your-mind text area of facebook home. So all you need to do is to creat a comfortable facebook page and load it with all that you can tell someone to make him buy from you.

You page can link you to creating events and making offers.

Like me, I have created an event page for all my seminars in Ghana from September 30-End of November.  I have also created an offer to give out my MINI IMPORTATION BUSINESS MANUAL free of charge to my friends. This offer is still based on the principle that nothing is absolutely FREE. The landing page is THE BLOG where this information has been elaborately posted.


There are many more reasons that can make you opt for facebook page. But is it all the time we will invest to send the invite to our friends?

Google Chrome is here to help us change all these facebook delays and we will smoothly post our page like invitations within 15 seconds to ALL, I mean ALL your friends at the same time.


From here, let me use pictures to show you how to invite ALL your friends to your pages in less than 15 seconds and on one click.






Create a Google Account if you don’t have one. You can set up a Google Account Here this way, you would easily get going without error.

Having armed yourself with a Google Account, let us dave to the rest of the steps.



Open Google Chrome browser on you and then open the Chrome Web Store and it looks like this


Step 2,

Search for the application that can do this work for you. It is called INVITE ALL FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK. Check the left hand side on the search box you will see the query I used to obtain my results. Then I installed two of the options (See Pix below)









After you have installed the apps on your chrome browser, this is the result you will expect. Note the dotted lines as your guide.



You have successfully installed the app so let us start applying from this point on.


Click on “More” to pull down options and then click on Invite Friends


This is what you get next.


Click on invite All at the top right side.


Checking and sending invites to never-yet invited friends.


This is the last page that you see when everything has been done and seamlessly you have invited all your friends to your new page.


You then decide what next to do whether to share the app, rate it or just close and wait to harvest likes on your page.


That ends it

So try it today and start campaigning until you succeed. Please know that this option is 100% legitimate and nobody will penalize you for doing this.


If you like this page, never delay sharing with your friends because sharing is loving.





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