blog-for-cashWhen you see truth, you can identify it. But do you know that some lies will need a detector to fish out?

Most sale letters about making money on the internet are hoaxes meant to lure you to believe in something unreal. I read a post with the title like this one on the post. IT SAYS, CREATE A BLOG, REGULARLY MAKE POSTS, AND THEN MAKE MONEY. This is the height of deceit.

When you see a statement like this one, it sounds larger than life and too good to be true. An old adage says, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The promoters of most internet programmes promise you a load of success if you just take their advice serious. Be how far does that advice move apart from another set of deceits.

I once read a story and later quoted it in my book, BEYOND THE CLASSROOM about a business man who advertised to the public that if they buy his product for, for example, $50 and follow his advice, they will make 5000 dollars in 30 days. So in his information product the advice was “if you can convince only 100 people to do what you did within 30 days, you will earn 5000 dollars. And the question is, what did he do? Answer, he bought an infor product for $50. Then $50 X 100 = $5000.

So at the first instance it was a case of the-more-you-look-the-less-you-see. People would not see the hidden terms. But on a critical level, this idea sounds too good to be true and it really was.

So this section of my blog will focus at showing my readers false information flying around the web about making money online. I will also be posting regularly what works and what doesn’t work.

For example if its not true that when you create a blog, post regularly and you will make money, how come people are making huge money from simply blogging and posting info? The truth in this instance is that there are many unsaid words. There are truths hidden inside the very statement itself. Example of such is, “how would the money be created if people do not come to the website? When they come how can their coming make me money? How am I sure that the content of this post still obtains and not any junk out there that is far obsolete? What really makes the bloggers money, is iy just the info posting?

At this time I am comfortable to say that you now believe me that their are billions of information on making money online which are false. So how do we know what works?

Continue to follow my blog and you will continue to read the way forward.

Welcome to Thin Air Cash Blog.

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