All Great Ideas Create Conflicts

burn the ship2Have you read anything about a man called Oscar Wilde? It was this man who made a very controversial statement which continues to be true till today. He said, “An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Take time to examine his statement and compare it to real life experiences of great thinkers and their ideas. In this post, I have decided to help my readers understand that people will oppose their worthwhile ideas and most times they will be under pressure to give in to pressure.  Albert Einstein wrote: “If an idea does not sound absurd, then there’s no hope for it.” Friend, do you think that these statements are not correct?

Let me show you how controversial great ideas can be.

Robert Kiyosaki during his early days of writing incurred problems for himself by choosing a very controversial topic as title for his book. He entitled that book, “If You Want to be Rich and Successful, Don’t Go to School.” Kiyosaki was abused severally. The publisher rejected the book on the ground that Kiyosaki refused to change the title. Later, the book was successfully published and with the same title to sell as an all time bestseller. In that book, Kiyosaki exposed the ills of the school system at that time. According to him, the school taught obsolete ideas.

I remember this very interesting but controversial story that I read very long ago .

The year was 1519 and Hernán Cortés arrived in the New World with six hundred of his men. Upon their arrival he made history by destroying their ships. What was the message? “It’s either we conquer or we perish together. We have reached a point of no return and there is no turning back!” Two years later he succeeded in his conquest of the Aztec empire. This idea was not just controversial, it was also dangerous.

In 1940, the Swiss watch was the most prestigious and best quality watch in the world. Consequently, 80 percent of the watches sold around the world were made in Switzerland. In the late 50’s the digital watch was presented to the leaders of the Swiss Watch Company and they rejected that completely. They rejected the new idea because they knew that they already had the best watch ever money can buy. Moreover, they had in stock the best watchmakers in the world. So the man who brought the digital watch idea sold it to Seiko.

In the 40’s, Swiss watch making company employed over 80,000 people. Today, they have fallen below 30,000 employees. Then also, 80% of the world’s watch supply came from Swiss Watch Company. Today, 80% of all watches are digital.

Did you hear the story of Galileo Galilee in ancient times. He was denounced, jailed, and excommunicated from the church. Why? He committed a heresy by saying that the earth is spherical. This was opposed to the popular opinion that the world was rectangular.

Did you read the book Animal Farm? George Orwell was told that Animal stories will hardly sell in America. But he bit his friends who wanted to talk him down with his courage and moved on to produce his classic Animal farm book. Did he succeed? Even our next generation will testify to that.


Therefore friend, push and do not stop because someone had told you that your idea won’t work. You can’t conquer what you have no courage to confront. Create your idea and do not wait until everybody will tell you that this idea is ‘baaam!’ They will not. Do not wait until your wife signs your idea and say “this is a million dollar idea.” She will not. Remember that if an idea is accepted by all at inception, it is not worthy of being called an idea in the first place.

I love the way Albert Einstein puts it, it is the most correct;

“If An Idea Does Not Sound Absurd, Then There’s No Hope For It”

What can be better said.

I have had times alone with my thoughts and ideas. Most times, I would think of challenges to my ideas. I will come out in the morning to ask friends and well wishers what they think. I have succeeded most times at those ideas they told me will not sell.



For him it won’t that was why the idea came to you first. Do not listen to those people that are not aligned with your ideas. They are unworthy of your revelation. Understand that controversy pays. Standing at the opposition pays too. If I was a politician, I would have remained with the opposition. Why? Because that is where the minorities are. The people that have powered the world till today are the minorities. They rejected all popular opinions and switched to what they believed and behold it worked for them.


To be successful in creating wealth from thin air, you must accept to be controversial. For accepting in the first place that money can be created out of thin air is the first controversy challenge you have overcome. Continue like that and you will win.

When other people are crying that the jobs are gone and agitating that the government is simply doing nothing to alleviate our pains, you and your controversial mind would be busy making ideas that they will buy after crying.

Granted, going the opposite and creating ideas that will succeed is not easy; just as it is not the gift of everyone. If you feel that this is your gift, continue to read my posts on life stories that motivate. You will be amazed at how great you will become at creating high paying ideas.

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