mwpBANNER1Many people are like me when I thought I couldn’t sell. I was introduced to Dynapharm to market the Mineral Water Pot. The Mineral Water Pot is an alkaline water filter meant to remove dirt and germs from water and improve the water quality up to 9 on the pH scale. I will tell you more about the mineral water pot. Or you can find more information at MY WATER POT website.

After evaluating the quality of the filter and the kind of water that it produces, I was deeply interested. But I had a problem. I was not a good salesperson. To be frank here, I am not yet a good sales person. Thanks to the internet, I was able to build a supermarket online that has been selling my Water Pots since 2011.

In this post, let me show you what I have done step by step.


I Became a Trainer at Dynapharm

I attended several seminars organized by Dynapharm International in Nigeria. At the time, Mr Alex (Late) from Uganda was responsible for training in Africa. He was good in that business. He was serious and active in teaching people how to market the Water pot. He also was a master in using available tools in driving his points home. Alex did his training at Dynapharm DPCs. Because I was interested in selling this pot to make some money, I was following Alex to places order than my town. But it didn’t last long. Alex was Murdered by a group of hoodlums who ravaged the Dynapharm Nigeria Director’s home to Kidnap his family members. Having come from a country where people do not take people like animals, he thought that standing against them would have saved the family from these trigger-happy men. It took a few seconds to silence him forever. So we lost Alex. Dynapharm, till today, still mourns this great teacher and trainer.

A month after the demise of Alex, there was no other person who could analyse Mineral Water Pot the way he did. There was huge vacuum and trainers were needed. Although I agree that I am not a good salesperson, I am aware that among my strengths, I am a good teacher and trainer too. Above all, I learn more quickly than most of my peers. So I volunteered to take over the training at Dynapharm International for the Mineral Water Pot.


Dynapharm’s Claim Was Wrong

When we started marketing the Mineral Water Pot, we were told that Dynapharm was the only producer of the Mineral Water Pot. This claim was wrong. But what was true is that Dynapharm was the only company in Africa that supplied the mineral Water Pot. I heard the name Mineral Water Pot the first time from Dynapharm office in Aba, somewhere in the southern part of Nigeria. It did not take me long time to know that there were other suppliers of the Mineral Water Pot around the world. Armed with this knowledge, I gave myself to deep research on how to start importing the mineral water pot. But I had two problems.


Payment From Nigeria Was Hell

If I was to import the mineral water pot to any other part of the world than Nigeria, my success would’ve been faster. Nigeria had the worst of financial policies that requested much from infant importers. A lot of trade unions relating to importing were also there with their own bottlenecks. The banks were not there for starters. Opening a domiciliary account was restricted to only active importers. So the only way for me to make payments was to pass through an established importer.


Duke Dumped me

I met one of my father’s friends by name Duke. He had been in importation business for more than 22 years and he had a clean standing with the banks. After discussing my idea with him and after showing him where I found the Mineral Water Pot online, he agreed to assist me make payments so long as his own money would not go in to the business. He warned me against fraud and scam. He made me sign some documents and even made me agree to pay a higher exchange rate. I agreed to all these because what I stood to make from the business was enormous. So Duke ordered me to mail to the company selling the water pot to me asking them to change the name on my invoice to the name of Duke’s Company. I did. The day came for me to transfer money to duke so that he could make the order payments for me, Duke started avoiding my calls. I tried for 7 days then i went to see him at his office. To cut it shot, duke backed out and dumped me with my idea.


I went back to the Internet

Online, I didn’t know that Zenith Bank, Nigeria was offering a  payment card for internet shopping. The card was called Zenith WebSurfer Card. It was a virtual re-loadable MasterCard. Customers with this card will make dollar denominated deposits at the counter and wait for 24hrs for the money to load into their WebSurfer card. So as I got back to the internet to find solution for my payment problem, I got the Zenith WebSurfer card. It was awesome! That was exactly what I needed. Then I registered online, got a PIN, went to the bank for activation. Within 48hrs, my card was ready to make my very first successful payment online to any website that accepts MasterCard.


I made my Order

After activating my websurfer card, the road became open for me to start importing. At that time, I decided to look further to see if I could find other companies that will sell the mineral water pot cheaper. The earlier company i got was in Malaysia and the distance made the shipping more expensive, the goods were also costly. Then I found a company that offered the pot to me very cheap and with a high quality product. I placed order for 3 sizes. Because it was a sample order, they agreed to sell as low as 100 pieces to me. From the time of my order to the landing period at the seaport at Apapa was about 3 months. It took me only 1 day to clear the goods. Then the next problem came.


I can’t sell anything in real life

My enthusiasm was high when I saw the Mineral Water Pot on the internet. It became higher the very day I saw my order and touched the pots and they were all real, high quality, and nice looking more than the ones I sold for Dynapharm. But i developed a phobia for selling all 100 pieces in a bad market like Aba. I will reluctantly carry 1 water pot and meet someone to convince him to buy and he will say, “this is a good product but I don’t have such money now because I am not prepared.” I continued to hear stories that I was only able to sell 5 pieces in 2 months.


Everything Changed.

Although I had a product I can sell and make money, I was still hungry and I had a developing and growing family.  I had no money. I had tension to do that and stress to do the other. There was serious need to raise money fast or i perish with hunger. Then I started attending seminars. In one of those seminars, we were introduced to the growing market in e-commerce sector. I had been designing websites for small companies before the Kidnapping era in Aba. But to be honest, I had not thought about the huge possibilities available in e-commerce. I had never thought about making sales online. So after the seminar, I started researching on creating e-commerce websites through which I could sell my mineral water pot and other imported goods. Then I registered

Due to traffic problem, I was not able to drive sales to My Waterpot website. Again, I was receiving payments through the bank. This sometimes caused delays and made some potential customers to change their mind before the day they said they would pay.


Blogging Was a SuperIdea for me

Dynapharm International was a big name in Multi-level Marketing around Africa. So intelligence taught me to stand on the shoulders of the giants. I decided to create a blog that taps from the goodwill of Dynapharm. Then I set up a blog at This blog was my starting point. I used certain google free tools to promote my blog. Before long, people typing “Mineral Water Pot in Nigeria” would get to my blog and contact me. Within a month, I was selling up to 30 Mineral Water Pots from that blog. Before then, however, I no longer use but the need came again.


Where I am today

Today, I have rebuilt My Water Pot website and have also integrated payment processing to it. At, visitors can now buy my Water Pot and make payments to me even when I am asleep. Find time to visit this website to see the great work I did on it.


You too can sell online

It is possible that naturally, like me, you are not a good salesperson, as you may think. But chances are that you are missing a huge market for your product if you have not figured a website out for yourself yet. Create a website to sell your stuff and promote it, it will not be long you will start selling online.

gajoescreenJoseph Nwabuebo is my friend on Facebook and I have assisted him build a huge selling point on the internet. THIS IS WHERE HE SELLS his dresses online although he works for a company.





agonizingScreenMrs Uzor got to me from a friend who found me on the internet when he wanted to buy a water filter. After going through my website and meeting me in person, This man introduced me to Mrs Uzor and convinced her to create a website to sell her herbal remedies. Do you want to BUY A HERBAL PRODUCT FOR ANY HEALTH CHALLENGE? Then visit her website.





smsboltscreenEvans Nkemjika is still a student and he got to know that growing his online business could be the best idea as a student so that by the time he graduates, he can run his online business as a company. He invited me to build him a WEBSITE FOR SMS BUSINESS. He sells his SMS all around the world. This is the Website that helps him make his sales without even knowing that someone is buying.



You have no reason to wait further. You can sell! 

This is the steps I want you to take now.


  1. Get a business Idea -determining what it is  you want to do or sell.
  2. Build a website for that idea
  3. If it’s a product, import it cheap from anywhere you will find it
  4. display your products on your website and start selling
  5. If someone pays and you confirm it, send the products immediately.

Friend, believe me, you can sell if you can follow my method today. I could not sell because I could not sell. You can sell even when you could not sell. You can do this by selling online.


I wish you great success doing your business online.

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