Follow these steps to be able to set up an information product quickly.

Idea Concept

This is the first stage. At this stage, we start thinking of what to write. We choose our niche area very carefully and we are ready to go to work. This is the most critical stage of your work when you have to choose what you will be working on.


Write it down

Put the idea down in writing. This means that you already have a specific point you are working on. Writing your idea down gives you a sense of direction and makes your work a lot easier. It is at this point that you write down the topic you will be working on.


Research and create your points

If you can use the internet, this is the time to employ the use of internet. It makes your work a lot easier researching on the net. But if you cannot use the internet seek to find all information you want to put down in wring about your interest area or topic. You can as well source out research of your choice area to someone who can use the internet. You can contact me for the research of any topic on earth. I am a professional and have the capacity of not only researching but writing about anything in any field of life. You can reach me for your research work: Mendoh -08032929756



Write your full product

Once you are through with sourcing materials for the project, next is putting it all down in writing. You do not need to be a professional before you can do this well. You need many illustrations to be successful. This is because you are describing something new or unbelievable to your audience. You storytelling skills might just be tested. You will also be careful to be sequential in presenting your facts. You don’t need to sound conflicting. It is possible to avoid this mistake by putting down a check list before you go into writing proper.  Your checklist will make it possible for you to be logical and in sequence. If you feel that writing you first product will be a problem, do not worry so much the next part of this book will address what happens when you cannot write at all. You may also choose me as you writer as I suggested above. Just contact me with the number I gave you above.


Cross-check for errors that are not typos

After writing your product, crosscheck your work for errors. You will be surprised at the level you will find avoidable errors. You are still in order. So treat the errors and move on to the next stage.



Type your product down

If you write you book and do not type it, it will be ridiculous mentioning to people that you have a product for sale. So it is as important as wring the points when you type it. If you have a computer of your own it makes a lot of things easier for you. Like me, you may simply need to draw you points down on paper and pick them one by one as you type directly on your system. But where you do not have a personal computer or where you cannot use the computer, send your work to a business centre for typing.


Final touches/ proofreading

After they have typed you work, it is time to proofread it. Go through the typed document and make sure that all is in order. If you confirm and correct all errors you can go on to the next stage.


Make It a product do the conversions

This is the stage you will make your idea to become a product ready for sale. If you had typed your work by yourself, convert it to pdf which is most secure for e-books. You will find pdf converters online if you can browse the internet. But if you have sourced you work out, tell them to convert your work to PDF for you. This is the point where no further editing can be done on the information you have written as it is now ready to go to market.



Store your info product in the format you want to sell them

Will you be sending the information in what format? Will you deliver it as Cd, a book, an e-book, in a flash drive, memory card, etc? Whichever way, it is now that you will store it in that delivery format.



Advertise and Sell

Advertise your product. This is as critical as writing the information in the first place. If you do not tell people you have something for sale it is as obvious that you will keep it forever without making money out of it. So advertising your product is one of the most important aspects of this business. You are reading this today because you followed a lead on an advertisement and bought this material. This is one effort you need to replicate if you must succeed. In a couple of parts to come I will deal with advertising your product effectively.


Sell and be paid

You will enjoy this stage because this is the main reason you have taken all the time to develop the product. You want to make money, not so? So as soon as you advertise very effectively, pray to God to bless your effort and wait for calls that will lead to sales. Be ready to answer pre-sale questions. Some customers will want to have every detail before buying. They will ask you to the point where you are almost giving out the book to them. Be patient with them. But also be tactful that you don’t divulge certain secrets only your readers should have.


Do everything to draw attention to the book itself as the complete guide that have all the questions your caller might be asking. Please never quarrel with someone if he or she says that if that is what you are selling he already knows it. Thank him/her and move on please.


Never advertise your Account number for security purposes. Retain your payment details for those who will take the step to reach you on phone. It simply shows that they are potential customers.



If there is anything you still do not understand or you want to know more about this topic so far, please feel free to reach me on phone and I will gladly put you through. This book is not supposed to be plenty that is why I am not going to put down everything. I have chosen to put down things that are most relevant.


  1. After checking out the content on this page, I cannot assist however question exactly what other marketing subjects I still have to discover. Do you have any suggestions or resources that I should check out that will help me get more comfy with this market?

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