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All the information and earning statistics given in this e-book are exceptional situations. There is no guarantee that you will achieve the same or similar result. Needless to say, the author has made good money doing what he does. He does not deliberately inflate his earnings just for the sake of impressing you or convincing you to purchase more of his products. He is honest with his reporting and hope you look at the kind of money he makes as a source of inspiration.


All the information presented in this book regarding organizations and other resources are only for information purposes. There is no affiliation of the author with any of the mentioned organizations. All efforts have been made by the author to present the information as it has worked for him, but he cannot be held guilty for misuse or misapplication of information given. In other words, as a business person, you are responsible for your actions, successes, and failures while you use this manual.


The author maintains that if you follow what he teaches in this book judiciously and conscientiously, you will make huge profits from the very ideas you generate. However, the author by no means gives anyone any guarantee that he or she will make profits as he is doing for reasons that individuals and emotional differences can alter or affect earnings. He cannot be held accountable in any case of not earning or earning low. These are purely the responsibility of the one who owns the business.


Table of Contents

  1. An Introduction


  1. The changing Times of Wealth creation



  1. The Business of Information (Information Marketing) And Its products


  1. How to Generate The Ideas That Pay



  1. Steps to Organizing And Marketing Your Ideas (Info Products)


  1. What if You Cannot Write The Information Yourself?
  2. Pricing Your Product





  1. Why I chose These Companies (Where to Advertise)


  1. In Conclusion



  • Thank You!



Have you have ever bought a newspaper or probably seen an advert online and you felt like purchasing the advertised material?

Have you ever bought anything via an advertisement on a newspaper or online before? Or maybe this is the first time you are doing so.

Have you ever thought of what the Nigerian population is at present? {About 150 million people}

Have you ever thought of how many people need this same material you bought or liked and felt like buying?

Have you ever thought of how much the person who placed the advert used in placing it? { average is 5k or 7k then higher space between 15k and 50k}

Have you ever thought of how many people bought the same material you paid for or felt like paying for? {On the average. 20 to 30 people will pay for whatever you place an advert on in a national daily here in Nigeria} I am talking from my personal experience. But I’ve had adverts I sold more than 100 paying for one product

But spend some time to consider this possibility. If 25 people make payment for a product advertised in a national daily or online with 5,000 and they each pay 4,000 or 10,500 each {25 * 4,000 = 100,000}. You will make 100,000 just by investing a token of between ₦5,000 and 27,000 for advertisement and a little time to create the information.

How many of such advertisement will you place before the year runs out? The answer to this question is, it depends on how much more money you wish to make before the year runs out. This sounds really great and I hope you agree.


Welcome to the world of Information Marketing

Are you currently unemployed, underemployed, tired and sick of being broke or looking for an extra income? …….


Then this is for you…


I will like to congratulate you because your search for a better life is over… I will start by introducing you to the business of the century it’s called INFORMATION MARKETING and the pieces of information we market are called INFO PRODUCTS.


Let me clear a point here. You do not need to go to school before you are able to do this business. Some people become very skeptical at this thinking that you need to be an elite or a guru before you can then go on.

Secondly, you do not need to be a celebrated write to start the business in the first place. You don’t even need to be a writer at all.

What if you have never written a page in your life and do not have the slightest feeling you will be by tomorrow? And what if you can write and do not know how to generate the ideas to write? Ok, what if both the idea and the writing skills are lacking along with the ability to write at all? Can you still do this business?

Let me congratulate you because the book you are reading now is a graded report that will take you step-by-step on how to run an effective information marketing business on National Dailies even if you have never written a word before.


The book also gives you a clue on how to generate saleable ideas that people will cue to buy from you.


Are you ready now?

Then join me to the business of the day. In the next part, we shall discuss the changing times of money. We will know why we can value information more than physical product today.



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