We call the business Information Marketing Business and we call the products Info Product. But what is Information Marketing and what are possible products you can create? How do you go about creating your information? These are next…


What is Information Marketing?

Information marketing is the exchange of information for value; in most cases–money. This implies that an information marketer exchanges information for a fee. Basically he/she sells information for a living.


Do you have a hobby that you will like to write about? Are you a football lover, can you write extensively on it? Are you a motivational speaker, have you written any book on this area?

Do you know that whatever information or tips you can put together in paper is an information product? Any subject you can write extensively on is the avenue for an information product. Your write up on any subject of interest is an information product. Other forms of information products include recorded audios, how-to videos, software, and applications that show people how to do something. Workshops, conferences, seminars, trainings can all be packaged as information products.


In order words, any product that has the express purpose of passing across information to an end user is an information product. It can be from any of the thousands of niche markets available to mankind.


Information marketing, on the other hand is, the selling of these products to end users. Information marketing has always been here even before the Internet. The bookshops, vendors, dailies, print magazines are all information products that has been doing well long before the advent of the Internet. The Internet along with it brought electronic commerce, a way of transacting business online and people now found a better way to sell their books via the Internet as it has a greater leverage than the brick and mortar business.


Since then, many people are joining the bandwagon to create different forms of information products to reach a wider audience and eventually succeed in selling massive copies with less overhead costs.


Information can be exchanged for a fee in various formats–It can be exchanged at a seminar, in a consulting session, in a video CD, in an audio CD, in a magazine, newspaper, on Television, on Radio, on a website which could come inform of a blog or forum and in this day of emerging technologies–on any storage device that can be played back. The list of the ways by which we can exchange information is almost endless.


12 Reasons you need to do information marketing

  1. It requires low startup costs
  2. In this business you work on a project once and get paid FOREVER
  3. You get to keep ALL the money and profits you make
  4. No staff necessarily required
  5. It gives you a FASTER Route to Financial Freedom
  6. It involves less risk in that it is not capital intensive
  7. This business can be done even if you are a novice
  8. It gives you more time for friends and family
  9. It can be done part-time if you are still an employee
  10. The products and services of this Business are ALWAYS on high Demand
  11. It gives you freedom to pursue other interests of life
  12. It gives you the freedom to be creative and innovative

There are numerous other reasons to be involved in information marketing especially in times of economic melt- downs and depressions; however the 12 listed above are enough to get you excited about knowing how to set up and run this business with profits in 30 days.


Check This out


  1. It requires low startup capital
  2. It offers a high return on investment
  3. No qualification is required
  4. No age barrier
  5. It can be done anywhere and by anybody.

Get Started
To help you become a successful Information Marketer, I have packaged this book very well for you.


Formats for Storing Information Products

There are three basic info product formats to choose from – text, video and audio – and almost unlimited combinations and variations of these formats.

So which is best? The best media choice when you are creating a product is the one your audience likes best. Are they readers? Do they like to listen to audio while they work out? Does video help them best absorb information?

The topic will also influence your choice of media. Video is often best when you are showing how to do something. Other topics may do well in any of the three formats.

So we have CDs, Video CDs, DVDs, Books, e-Books (usually in pdf format), Audios, Magazines, Slide, etc.

The book you are reading now is in PDF format. I advice that you save your e-Books in PDF formats because of high level security attached to it. It also keeps the work the way it is because you cannot edit pdf jobs on source.


What kind of information can you exchange for money?

Perhaps you are asking what kind of information you can exchange for money or what information would people gladly pay you money for.


You want to know the shocking news? People will pay you for any information you have, if it will solve an urgent existing problem.


Let me explain.

Make no mistakes about it, there are people out there who will gladly pay you to teach or explain to them the step by step procedures of what you know.

People will pay you to tell them what you know, that they don’t know

People will pay you to tell them about your experience (good/bad) and how you overcame the challenges

People will pay you to share with them your insight or expertise on a particular area of life’s challenges, job challenges, marital challenges, relationship challenges, etc.

People are willing to pay you to show them a step by step procedure on how to overcome ANY challenge

People will pay you to access information that will solve a problem that needs an urgent attention


Friend, everyone is constantly looking to meet a need in his/her life. There are no exceptions and the first step to meeting the need is – information. People are in constant search for answers to a need in life and the first step to meeting the needs of life is Information.

Can you now see that people will pay you for what you know?


Consider this

Young people will beat the routes to your contact if you have any information that will help them solve some of these problems:

  • Gaining admission into the University
  • Gaining admission with low score on UME
  • Gaining admission without JAMB
  • Finding a good husband/wife
  • Travelling abroad
  • Finding a good job after University or college
  • Becoming rich
  • How to study abroad without WAEC
  • Etc, etc.

Men/Women may want information like these:

  • How to satisfy their wives in bed
  • How to avoid diabetes
  • How to heal diabetes with Natural ingredients like leaves and herbs
  • How to avoid Pregnancy without contraceptives
  • How to choose the sex of your next baby
  • How to make money fast no matter where you live
  • How to avoid sickness by only drinking water

Other people may like information like:

  • How to secure a US visa on same day of Visa interview
  • How to travel to china with less than 50,000
  • How to study abroad free
  • How to make 500,000 in 7 days working from home
  • How to make consistent cash filling forms on the internet
  • How to buy a car very cheap from America
  • How to import anything 10 times the original price in Nigerian markets
  • How to avoid customs duty when you import items from China.
  • How to find a high paying job in England without ever leaving the shores of Nigeria.
  • Etc, etc

Experience shows me that there are more than 10 million ideas you can generate from things you know how to do. Even if other people know how to generate such ideas and are able to create it as products for sell, you have different information and will still sell them to each other, and money flows.


Negative Experience Can Be the Tip You need to build an Information Marketing Business Empire

Look at this Experience from a fellow information marketer, Efe Imiren

“A few years ago, I thought that obtaining a visa to travel out of Nigeria was a difficult feat. You know why? Everyone around me kept saying it was difficult and that was because they had gone about the process in a wrong way and still didn’t bother to find out how to do it the right way. So I always told myself that I would get a good agent and wait for donkey years before applying for a visa. But during the course of my working years, an event required that I travel out of the country and I had to apply for a visa.

During the process of my application I discovered that the visa application process was not difficult at all. It was simple, easy to follow and anyone with the ability to think, read, and write can get a visa without any agent! Needless to say, following the initial refusal, I discovered the loopholes that lead to visa rejections and I got my visa.

I shared my discoveries excitedly with everyone who cared to listen; I began to help friends and family members to package their visa application. So when I discovered that people will gladly pay me to hear what I have to say about visa application to any country in the world. I began to charge a fee to share the information.

So can you see how you can turn you experience into an information marketing business?


That was her case but this is mine.

Many years ago, I registered with a company called Dynapharm. The company is a network marketing company. I started attending training sections at Dynapharm Office near me. One day, one of their trainers who moved in from Uganda was shot dead by kidnappers whom he resisted. It was shocking news anyway. But it was far worse to the company to lose one of their key trainers and the only one that trained on water for the sale of a product –the mineral water pot. When I heard that the company was looking for a way out of this problem, I quickly sought the information that Alex taught on water and the pH online. What I found was so amazing and surpassed anything Alex had taught before.


I quickly packaged the information I got online and prepared it into a book form –Water Can Heal.

After sometime I shopped the internet and found a place in china I can buy the pH testing substance that only Alex could supply because no one else knew the source. Armed with these, I approached the company with facts that I could teach what Alex alone taught. I showed them my book and same day my training was approved and I was adopted to train all Dynapharm staff throughout West African sub-region. On the launch day of that book, I made a sale of 500 copies at N500. N250,000 and I printed the entire 1000 copies with N35,000. Lol! Mhen! That is huge profit isn’t it?

The water tester that I imported was earlier sold for N2500 a 10ml bottle. So when I brought mine and I was ready to sell at N1,000, a woman bought all same day and later resold at N1,800 per bottle.

Why was it possible for me to rake in such huge profit within a short period? It was information from negative event.


Turn Your Passion into cash in the bank: making money from what you like doing

Here is another example of being paid to share what you know and of cause from what you like doing. A friend tells this story

“During childhood, my parents took us to Lagos International Trade Fair every year, it was family fun time, and I enjoyed every bit of these times together. As an adult, I still keep that family tradition by saving every month towards the trade fair. This year I did the same, I went with my savings to the trade fair and while window shopping, I discovered new innovations, I stumbled on a manufacturer of rechargeable televisions! I instantly knew, this is a product people will definitely want to have. So I did my home work, wrote a sales copy, a classified advert and Viola! – a new company was born!

I have a flare for innovative technology, items like Rechargeable batteries, a Pen mp3 recorder, innovative and vintage gargets. So I turned my love and passion for these items into a stream of income by selling information on where and how to get these items.”


In practical terms people will pay you to tell them

How to do anything. Just name it!


Now that you know what information people will pay for, the next questions are:

How do you begin the business?

What do you need to begin?

If you decide to use the internet, how do you make your 1st million on the internet?


Please note that the journey from here gets more interesting.



Top 4 Most Important Requirements You Need to set up a Profitable Information Marketing Business Today

Before you can effectively answer the questions of the most important requirements to kick start your information marketing business, you need to find out what model of information marketing business you want to practice – Offline, Online, or Mixed-line?

  • Offline: This is selling information without the use of interne.
  • Online: This is selling information using the internet both as a marketing tool and as a tool for delivering the information


  • Mixed-line: This is selling information both offline and on the internet. In this case the marketing tools and tools for delivering the information will include both offline and internet based elements


If you are selling information without using the aid of the internet – your marketing tools will include offline elements like flyers, classified advert, Newspaper/magazine adverts.

Your tool or medium of delivering the information will include: Books, e-Books Seminars, Television programmes, Radio programmes, Videos and Audio CDs




Pls Note:

The above method is the one that fully concerns the information delivered on this book. But we shall deal a little with other marketing techniques like the internet (Online method)


If you are selling online, your marketing tools would include; Website, Web Sales copy, Autoresponders, SMS, E-mail address, Google Adword, Banner Ads. While your medium of delivery could be a secure blog, a forum/membership base site, e-book, teleseminars, web cast, webinars, teleconferences, e-zine and eCourses.


If you are adopting the mixed-line approach to building your information marketing business, your marketing, and information delivery tools will include a mixture of elements from the offline and online approach.


Which method is better? It is safe to say you should choose a method that suits you, but if you are thinking of taking the advantage of the edge that technology gives to every entrepreneur in the 21st century, you should adopt the mixed-line approach to your information marketing business.

This book teaches you more of how to go about the offline method. But it shows you how to deliver online via the e-mailing system.


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