I went to take you a little to the wealth creation ages of man. Do you know that there was a time in history when man only wanted food and later shelter? At that time creating wealth was not born. People shared what they have to be sure that everybody feels better that age was called the Stone Age

Another age was born after the Stone Age.It was called the Agricultural Age. Here, people made much money from agriculture. Humans depended on agro products to be rich. The richest people on earth were of this class. China joined the agricultural revolution and the economy grew very fast. But that was not the end of it all.

The Machine age came in and it ensured that so long as you can build machines you are wealthy. Germany became the centre for great wealth because of many engineers who went to work and achieved a great deal for their country.


We later saw the Industrial age. People who were able to run good industries and companies created cash. It was a case of using money to make money. Only a few people could create money making industries.


But a new Age emerged in the 21st century, the information age. This is the only age where it is possible for everybody to become rich. Why? This is true because this is the only age where information can make anybody money. You can create wealth from anything information and it will not have to take ages for you to convert it into cash.

Let me explain

Some years back I was very poor and hungry. So one day I was forced to go back to my old editions of success digest extra. After hours of flipping through, I got into one idea that struck me and I wanted to try it. It was writing e-books and selling them on the internet.


At the time I’ve never made any money on the internet. But I decided to write a book on how Nigerians can sell things on the internet and collect credit card payments.


But why did I choose this information?

At that time, Nigerians cannot collect payments on the internet since PayPal and other processors rejected Nigeria for fraud protection purposes. But earlier, I discovered many other ways Nigerians can do this. The report was an alternative to PayPal and other processors. After writing the e-book and saving it in PDF format on my computer, I simply posted a short report about it on certain forums online. In about 24hrs, someone contacted me and wanted to buy a copy of my book. To cut it short, within a month I made more than 50,000 from that idea. Today that book is on hard copy and I still sell it on seminars to make money.


So the new money today is from information. We are here now to learn how we can generate it. Follow along please because what you will read next may surprise you.


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