Stories of Success from some who bought the first edition of this book:

Please note:

I’ll not give the full names of these individuals, their contacts, and their other details. Pls do not be upset with this. I have chosen this way because I did not contact them at the time of writing to obtain permission to publish them. While I respect all privacy matters, I also do consider it embarrassing to include such details here without their notice. Nevertheless, if you like the story of any of them and like details, contact me. I can lead you through or obtain permission for you to meet these individuals. Thanks for your understanding!


Dr. Charles, Imo

This man was the 25th person that bought my e-book. He swung into action immediately because he needed to fully power his hospital with solar electricity. The very day he visited the website where the market is, he said he found all he had looked for over the years. After series of search on the same subject following what he learnt from the book, he was able to find a model that really suit his needs. He placed an order. But something happened.


He did not pay with my advertised payment method. He paid via bank wire. This took longer time of payment processing and again took more money out of his pocket. Nevertheless, as soon as his payment was cleared, he received his order after 4 days.


Today, Dr Charles is enjoying full solar system power supply in his hospital. He no longer spends money to pay electric bills.

The solar system charges through some panels that he placed somewhere at the roof of the hospital. But he said that the panels are designed that you can keep them anywhere they will behold a little sunlight. Above all, he said the system still charges even when the temperature is low or the day is rainy.


How Much Did He Spend?

Dr. Charles said he spend below N80,000 to have his power need solved in his hospital.


My joy when I heard this was that he was happy. He wanted this product not for resell but to power his hospital. He got that and stopped searching. Yours may just be to resell same products. Why not start with it now.


CHIMA, Lagos

I am comfortable saying this because I did not expose Chima. This guy knew a friend that had problem with his sexuality and as a result does not retain a woman after the first day of sex. So as he was going through my book, he called me on phone:

“Hello Mr Mendoh! My name is Chima am calling from Lagos.”

Ok! Go ahead Chima, how may I help you?

“I bought a copy of your book on importation and I am online now. There is something I am looking for, do you think I can see a thing like that?”

Chima, go ahead and tell me

“Pls do not feel hurt about this. I am actually looking for full human-size lady toys….. em … but…”

Go ahead friend

“I want something for sex, yes something a man can use anytime he wishes to settle his…”

At this point I casually told him to try “inflatable Sex toys”.

You know what? I did not know of this before this time but I was sure that such a thing will exist; it will not come as a full toy so that it will be easy to ship in a small carton.


2 weeks later Chima was back on my line describing how smart this toy looks and how super-satisfied you feels after use. It has everything woman and even utters romantic sound during the action. It has human skin, hair, hip, etc same as natural woman. It can also be adjusted to styles.

Chima imported 2 samples for N23,000 and sold them after 3 days for N45,000 each.

Pls note:

I am not a sex worker and will never preach fetish sex to you. Take my information only as for the purpose of what it is –information and not a suggestion of lifestyle. I also regret any inconveniences this information may cause you if it does not appeal to you.



This man is very special friend to me. I taught him Mini Importation in person and practiced with him. Today, he is doing very well in it. But I am still thrilled when I consider the extent of his knowledge of products.


He imported a car scratch fixing pen with which he made more than N200,000 in just one week. He actually bought the pen for N65 and sold each for N1500


The pen handles scratches in a car or any metal.

Rob/mark the pen on the scratch and allow sunshine to dry it that’s all. The liquid will copy the colour of the car and bind the area that was scratched. No need to panel beat because of scratches and no need to re-paint your car.


Boniface sold the first 150 pieces of this product to friends who use cars and some car dealers. In one week, he had already sold off and realized 1500 X 150 = 225,000. Today he is known as the car scratch fixer.

If you wish to copy him, think about buying only 50 pieces, how much will you start the business with N65X50 =N3,250. This amount is inclusive of shipping. With this, you will make N1,500X50 = N75,000. Wow! Unbelievable!


TONY, Port Harcourt

Ever heard about the Bio Disc? This “glass stone” is able to energize anything. People use it to energize their water, their food, their body, their vegetables, their ponds, their beer, cosmetics, and their face, everything. Energized water and food would be capable of giving more life to the cells and making perishable food last very longer. Energized pond will make the fish to grow 3 times faster and mortality will reduce by 98%.


A network company approached him to obtain a piece of this Bio Disc for N84,000. He liked the product because he studied the technology behind it and felt it was something worth marketing. But he was concerned with how much it is sold and the network thing. Everything changed after he studied the MIB course in this manual.


2 days later, he was already on the way to paying for Bio Disc online. He bought it for N16,200 at the time and he ordered 5pcs. 10 days later under free shipping arrangement, he received his order correctly and correct quality too. That was how he started a new kind of business. He sold it for N60,000 each and realized N300,000.


EZE, Lagos

This man, after reading the MIB manual, decided to buy LED television for his home. He went shopping online. The very first day he couldn’t buy because the prices where too low for him to believe. He decided to go back to the market to confirm the current market price. He got the price online N56,700 for a 64” TV but it was far above N250,000 in the local market. It was risky but he said that since he could get a refund if the product is not as advertised, he decided to venture into it with 2 pcs. He wanted to sell one and use the other.


14 days later, the televisions where already with him. They were as ordered and as advertised. He decided to go to the market to show them to some Tv sellers. Same day a Tv merchant offered to buy them for 240,000. Eze was very happy to part with the products for that cash. Ever since then, he has been importing this television for resale.



This woman imported Quantum Resonance analyzer. Do you know what it does? It checks the status of the organs in the body. The result is something above accurate. It tells you what is happening now in organs like: the heart, the bones, the brain, the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the intestine, the pancreas, the sex organs, etc. It also analyses the sperm, the eyes, the prostrate, the breast, etc. It tells about the stroke level, the alert response, the mineral shortage, the trace elements status, the heavy metals engagement of the body, etc. Apart from all these, it tells what may result from any analysis in near future, gives food remedies, suggest possible solutions to problems diagnosed, suggests possible causes of problems. You will be surprised to do the work of a doctor because of how deep it explains reports.


Juliet imported 5pcs of this small health machine each for N12,000 (N60,000) and sold them all for N400,000.


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