15 Major Reasons Why Blogs Make Money

I was chatting with a distant friend and he asked me what I do apart from Web Designing. When I replied that I am a full time blogger, he said, “then you must be rich.”

While this is a notion that is not totally correct, it is almost impossible for a dedicated blogger who knows his onus not to create good income for himself.

I agree that hundreds of thousands world over who blog go home hoping to make any money at all and it doesn’t come. These have not come to know why they are failing and that is why they will not make any money even if they blog forever. Such persons can get serious help if they will stop posting and spend more time reading up blogs to see what they are not doing well.

But you and I know, or should I say, believe that blogs make their owners money. Try to find out how much top Blog earners make per month then you will understand why my friend said that I must be rich.

I am aware that only 14% of world population of Bloggers make a living through blogging. By the way is 14% not very significant if these people earn good enough salary from it to take care of their needs and those of their family?


Blogging is an activity that improves every single day and it is gaining more popularity. Days are gone when people look at blogging as a lazy man’s business. Full time bloggers are happy people because they behold their rewards even before they make their posts.

The question then is What are the reasons blogs make money to their owners.

Let us gradually explore some of these reasons. You may be more convinced to start blogging after going through these reasons. If you are among those that think that if someone becomes rich blogging, it’s just an opportunity that may not repeat, then be ready to make a rethink.


Remember that this post  does not tell you how to make money blogging. My next post will address that.


At this point, let us find at least 15 reasons Blogs make their owners money.


15 Reasons a Good Blog Should Make its Owner Good Money

  1. Google Likes Contents. Ads by google are based on the content and how they relate the interest of the page visitor. The more a website or blog contains information, the more high quality advertisements are published by Google. Google adsense is one of the major means a blog can create wealth for the owner.

This is what happens when Adsense is involved. Google publishes advertisements on a website enrolled in Google Adsense programme and agree to pay the owner of the website each time a visitor of his website clicks on those advertisements. Understand that a visitor might find something more relevant on the advertisement more than on the post itself. In such a case, is there a doubt that such a visitor will click on the ad even before reading any part of the post.


Let me illustrate what I mean here.


Assuming  someone is searching for a cheap online degree awarding institution and with a google search, a blog that dwells its posts on online tertiary schools advise shows up. This blog reviews online degree awarding schools and publishes contacts and website. Meanwhile, this blog has Google Adsense programme running on it. So Google has published an Ad relating an online institution that awards degree in less than 18 months. This ad also takes the visitor to the website of this school. This ad gives some direct incentives like school fees waiver for 2 semesters. If you were this visitor, will you have an option better than looking in to see what the school on the adverts is offering more? Then you will click. At that point when you click, Google is under agreement to pay the blogger who runs that blog.


2People Stay Glued on Blogs that matter to them.

A Blog can be a news blog or simply for entertainment. A blog can also be for education or to give tips. Whichever direction a blog is targeting, it will have followers so long as it satisfies a need for them. Some people like reading romantic novels. So long as the novel is romance kind of, they are captured. When they see a story line and it is something like crime fiction, they slap it off. There are others, like me, who would go for any James Hardly Chase in place of Mills and Booms. So it boils down to choice. In those days when we rented copies of novels from book shops, the ladies will go straight to mills and booms and most guys will be gathered around James Hardly Chase. It was a matter of choice.


Same thing applies to Blogs and their visitors. The more what a blog posts entices an individual, the blog has the tendency to keep that person glued. Let me give you an instance here. Many Nigerian online news readers go to lindaikeji’s blog straight. To them they have already gotten glued and they have come to believe that Linda Ikeji’s Blog is the best bet for any local news online.


So making people get glued is another major reason blogs make their owners money. You know why? It continues to bring back loyalists who will accept to buy anything that comes from the blog which they like.


3. Posts Attract Posts

In blogging, back-linking matters a great deal. It makes the blogsphere go round. Bloggers who have things in common make posts and connect themselves via the back linking thing. This is a patronage bloggers make to themselves.


The more blogs connect, the more they share visitors. Websites that do not have blogs find it very difficult to always link to others. Websites continue to give updates only to slight information that change within a period. But blogs update all the time even if what they want to say are the same. this makes it possible that like minds with related ideas can be shared without the reader feeling saturated.


What does this do? It make the visitors to have other locations where they can receive information or instructions. This on itself makes the blogger money.


4. Education

Blogs can be educative and education is a source of income. Schools are places of education and you know that private schools make their owners money. So long as a blog has quality and sound training it can give on regular basis, this makes it possible for that blog to make money.


Do you know that some of these rich bloggers I showed on the diagram above are educators of a sort? They are authors of many books. They do not go to market to sell their books and in most cases, those books are never produced in hard copies; they remain as e-books. So what their blogs do is to bring people to see the contents of the books and raise their interest.


Other bloggers might be teaching lifestyle. For example, weight loss is a big niche that makes many American bloggers rich. If a blog can teach millions of people how to keep fit and balance on weight, this will make them want to show back to read new techniques. Such blogs might be re-inventing the same techniques but because they are said very often and in diverse ways, readers are always satisfied and shower praises. Should such a  blogger have any material on weight loss, what do you think will be the result. some of such bloggers will present a time-based programme that will attract payment aimed at helping the blog visitors lose weight within a period of time.


I have just given this instance to show how education can be a reason for blog’s profitability.


5. Traffic

Blogs attract much more people than information websites. For you to visit a website you are looking for a direction or contact or you have a task to fulfill -something like submitting a form, posting your CV, applying for admission, making a report, etc. Or you may be looking for information about the organization that has the website.


This is not the same visiting a blog. Naturally, a blog solves a problem or several problems. If you are looking for entertainment and a blog gives you entertainment, that blog has solved a problem for you. If you are looking for guide, just may be on academic or choosing a career, and a blog gives you that, the blog has solved a problem. If your source of water is constantly making you sick and you are looking for a solution, visiting a blog like www.mywaterpot.com can solve this problem for you. So blogs are problem solvers that are regularly updated for fresher solutions.


Due to blogs’ ability to solve problems and due to the vast nature of blogs’ solutions with sufficient information readily available and more coming in all the time, people visit blogs. The more people visit blogs, the more blogs make money. In subsequent articles, I will post about traffic to show you what traffic does to a blog and how traffic can boost the income potentials of serious bloggers.


6. Fresh Content is King

While a website may have a huge information laid down on it, it cannot be compared with a blog whose main responsibility is to keep contents fresh. Blogs have fresh contents for one reason -they are made the same way diary details are kept. So the more contents are fresh and up-to-date, the more people look for them. Visitors will not say that blog info does not apply to them simply because it has become old. reason is that blogs are written in chronological order. What this means is that new contents replace old ones that have been outdated.


What does fresh content do for a blog? It continues to raise the reliability of information found on a blog thereby making it attractive for people to check back on it. This on itself is a good earning motivator for a blog. If a blog is found with only information posted past 30 days, that blog is not going to do well.


To make their content up-to-date and fresh all the time, some bloggers refuse to do the work all alone. In fact the best way to blog is to blog with people. Group blogging is the best. The more people work as a team, the more productive they become.


7. Helps Build Connections

Blogs help bloggers to build connection with their readers. Most blogs have comment sections. This section makes it possible for blog readers to air their views and most often commend the blogger. Criticism is also part of the game. The more a blog can address some problems, the more it receives thumb up.


When a blogger makes a post and allow others (both bloggers and non-bloggers) to make comments on the post, it creates a kind of bonding and familiarity. Blog readers will be free to ask questions and sometimes give constructive suggestions that will make future posts more admirable. Such relationship will go a long way in cementing trust. What else will play better role in insuring that blog visitors are converted to customers. Such familiarity can also earn the blogger more followers. Remember more people (blog readers), more income.


8. Robust Platform for Product Reviews

A blog has a broad platform that allows the blogger to say all he knows anytime he wishes to do so. This creates the opportunity that some bloggers seize -that of product reviews.


What can tell you more about a product than an elaborate information published about the product. Sometimes, such elaborate information will include testimonials from such people who have used the product.


A blog can use more than five post to review a particular product in different ways. The more a product is reviewed, the more it earns interest from potential buyers. This is one major reasons organizations and companies are now hiring bloggers who constantly review their products.


Sometimes too, bloggers sell products on affiliate bases. using the privilege a blog has to make lengthy posts will give them the power they need to review it to the satisfaction of their potential buyer. No advert can equate a product review done very well.


9. Ability to Contain Applications of different formats

A blog has the potential to make money because of its ability to hold data in different formats. For example, a blog can contain picture, videos, audios, charts, games, texts, and other graphic types. A blog can even contain an online TV or radio. What else do we need to make money if we have all these features in one platform.


Let me give you one instance.



The video above was posted on youtube some months ago. I did because some customers who buy Mineral Water Pots from me continue to call in order for them to fix it. As a better way to help them install it without issues, I made the video and others like it. Ever since then, when buyers call me to show them how they can install their mineral water pot I quickly refer them to this video. That has taken care of that problem in real time.


Now to make it more attractive and more useful to others including potential buyers and to attract more people to my water filter blog, I added the video at the resource area of My Water Pot Website. Do you know what this experience does to me? It generates me more traffic on that website and makes me more money as people find adverts that they like displayed on those videos while they are watching.


Multimedia like Videos, Audios, Shortwave Files, etc when embedded on a blog can be a source of income especially when they are directed to a product. So this is a great source of income for a blog which was made possible by this nature of blogs.


10. Contents and Comments Can Bring More People to a Blog

Although I have said something like this before, more can be said about adding social plugins to a blog. When, for example a Facebook share or like plugin is added to a blog, it makes it possible that people who do not even have any connection to your blog can see some contents from their friends walls. They can be attracted to this. Sharing a blog via social media is one of the best ways to market a blog. This way, friends who visit your blog will spread the goodwill to their own friends with whom  you do not have a connection. What else can be more admirable than when one act of share can spread info about your post to another 5000 friends who are obliged to do same.


11. Quality =Stock-in-trade

When you have good quality of information constantly posted on your blog, it looks like when you have a store stocked with many desirable products. It makes it easy for people to access your blog from various search engines.


If the search engines can index your blog for a particular niche, it is then a good indication that you will be making huge amount of money soon.


12. Old Contents Compliment Fresh Ones

The blog style is such that no information is thrown away inorder to accommodate another. For example, if you have a post that lists countries not allowed to use Paypal sometime in 2010 and that information has been updated because countries like Nigeria is there now, you do not have to go back to amend your old post. The best practice is, let it be there while you make a fresh post that gives the update.


Do you know the result? While this can add to history, it also gives your blog content -making it more visible online with more information. So old posts are complimentary and they contribute to the growth of your blog. Remember, the more contents a blog has, the more the money making potential it has.


13. 23% of All Internet time is Spent on Blogs and 77% of Internet users Read Blogs

This continues to explain where the internet flows. Let us use the everyday business experience to understand this potential.


If you sell consumer products like cloths, foodstuff, beverages, etc, will accepts a shop located on the highway or that which locates at a place where many people trek slowly like a shopping mall or market area or park? The choice is obvious. We will choose such an area where people often wail because such a place will create a condition that will make people look at my goods in the first place.


Same applies to selling on the internet. for this to be effective, we will bring our goods or products to a place where plenty of people are moving to. This statistic here shows that many more people on the internet move along that part -to blogs.


14. 70% of Consumers Learn About a Company Through Articles rather than Ads.

What else can we say? If 70% of consumers spend more time to inquire of the products they want to buy, the companies they want to have dealings with and they do this by reading published information about them, where else is the best place to find such great articles that review companies and products than at blogs.

This is another reason blogs make money to their owners.


15. Trust

Owning a blog and regularly posting on it, communicating with your readers with great interest on how more you can help solve their problems will earn every good blogger more trust. Sometimes in trainings we tell our students to focus at solving problems order than at making money. The truth is that if you consistently and genuinely seek to solve needs, you will consistently and genuinely have your own needs solved. This is another way of saying that the more you find problems seeking solutions and provide such solutions, you are sure that the money will get to you.


Remember, money is like a butterfly. You don’t chase after it for fear you will lose it as it flies far away from you. You spread a flower on your hand and forget about the butterfly and what happens? It will find you and settle on the flower. Same goes for money from blogging. Meet people’s needs and money will flow to you without stress.


While I do not claim that these are the only reasons a blog can make money, I believe that these are first class reasons and these alone can attract you to start blogging today.


To your Success





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