One of my Facebook friends asked this question: “if there is no Adsense, will you still blog?” To that question, I saw many answers trickling in and one of them said that blogging is passion so even if no adsense he would still blog.


But I understand the subject differently

Yes blogging is passion but how do you measure a successful blog? Professional bloggers say that you measure a blog’s success by the value it creates to both the readers and the blogger who makes the posts. So you measure a successful blog by its ability to make money for the owner.


The problem with the question my friend on facebook asked was that Google Adsense is just one of many means of making money on blogs. If the question was something like: “If there were no means of monetizing a blog, would you still blog?” I would assume that she is trying to sample opinions on whether people will still spend quality time posting articles for people’s consumption and while they hope for nothing in return, whether they will still be happy.


The truth of the matter is, in this era of information, of which Blogging is king, providing the needed information will entrap you in a state where you must make money even when you don’t want to.

But we need to isolate the bloggers according to levels and motives. If someone makes short posts on facebook and twitter, likely everyday, we can still call this one a blogger. Such a passive blogger does not expect to make money blogging. Again, such a blogger is still part time. Such ones are posting without any definite purpose and no such idea as making money is attached to the entire time he or she spends making posts online. So these ones can gladly say they post out of passion. Guess what, they post what they feel like and what will simply entertain their readers.


Professional Bloggers are into business

So when a blogger spends all his everyday working hours making blogs and posts, this is a pro blogger and he has one goal -making money from his ideas translated in the blogs he or she makes. It is erroneous to ask such ones whether they will continue to blog if all sources of making money from blogs were removed; they will not! To them, you measure a successful blog by the income it generates.


If you are not making money from your blog, it is possible that you are having a pastime and not a business. This article is addressing individuals who find pleasure in educating the world or in entertaining the world and at the same time hope to make a living doing that. I want to make it clearer that focusing on making money is not what makes any blogger money. What makes us money from our blogs are found in the quality of information our blogs serve. The quality of value we create continue to reproduce high value as a payback to our enduring service to our loyal followers or readers.


In this post,

You will learn what to do or what to avoid in order to make money from your blog. If you follow what I will teach you judiciously for a period of about 90 days, you will definitely start making money from your blog. Please know that I am not claiming that you will be rich in 90 days. The information you will read in this post will show you what professionals do to turn their everyday idea into money making blogs. I am sure that is the reason you are reading this post.


I want you to understand that creating a blog that pays you for a lifetime takes a very long time with endurance. This is what I mean. It may take you up to 5 to 7 years to manage a blog before you can be sure that it will pay the income you expect each month. To me this is an investment worth the time.


Hoping that you are ready, lets go!


Why More than 85% Bloggers Do Not Make it

Before I show you what to do, I believe that showing you what doesn’t work is very important. You know why? Most people start blogging by doing what doesn’t work. Chances are that you are already doing some of those things that do not work.


These are major reasons people don’t make any money on their blog. Dear reader and friend, I want you to believe that BLOGGING ALONE CAN MAKE YOU RICH” and that is why I am passionate about telling you what doesn’t work first. People mostly see failed projects and failures as well as success and succeeding projects. There is something people often fail to see -the work put in to succeed or the failure in action associated to failing. Check these reasons for failing to make it via blogging and start seeing yourself inside or outside this danger zone.


People Fail to make money blogging because:


1.They  Lack adequate and workable plan: There is nothing that works without a plan. If you don’t plan to fail, don’t fail to plan. Some people start blogging because they became hungry and all of a sudden, someone like a friend tells them that blogging can make them easy money and, boom, they jump into it and start making posts. Hey, it doesn’t work that way.

Blogging requires time of planning and like every other business, it has its own pattern that you must follow in order to make it work out for you.

You will need to decide the Niche you will follow. You will decide whom you are writing for. You will need to decide how you will make money -what features of your website can be used to attract money for you.

2. They Do Not Properly Research Their Niche Before Starting their Blog: Research is very important for any business. As for Blogging, this is the most integral part. So the mistake people make all the time is just to start blogging without trying to research the Niche. Woefully, they fail.


3. They Think They Can Always Do it Alone: Which business can be successfully done with one person doing everything. I am aware that people engage in sole proprietorship but a critical look at how sole proprietorship works will reveal to you that no one can ever work alone. For example. Nnanna is the tailor that makes my suits in Aba, Nigeria. He is good at this. He has enough machines that helps him do his work. He printed his Leather bags and  suitcases to a local brand he uses -Despatch O Designs.

Now Analyse the typical Business Despatch O.

  • He has someone that does the prints for him and those prints make him look unique.
  • He sends his suits out for professional buttonhole
  • He has connection for sending his designs abroad to clients who bought from outside Nigeria.
  • Etc

So even if he does everything that happens in his shop by himself (which he doesn’t) he still depends on other people to perfect his business.


Blogging is like that too. If you want to earn reasonably, blogging as a professional, you need not make same mistake of doing it all alone.

4. They are Not Willing to Invest in Their Business: Unless you are running a hobby, every business needs an investment of its own to succeed. This is another mistake people make while trying to create money online. They think that simply getting hooked at blogger and registering a blog can do all the magic that they need. You need to start investing right from the start. Get a self-hosted website. If you are not a good web designer, the next investment is to look for one who can do it well for you. If you look at this blog, you will agree with me that it is well built. You may contact me if you feel the need for a pro designer.

So If you want to become a successful and influential blogger, it will be a waste of time to use free blogging platforms like blogger and the rest of them.


Next, you need to invest in yourself. This is a mistake most bloggers who fail to achieve a good feat in blogging make. They don’t invest in themselves. Investing in yourself will include that you will get training where needed or where necessary. No one ever knows it all. You don’t need to keep doing the same thing. Learn for what is working and avoid what is not working.


Buy books, listen to tapes, Watch paid videos, do a lot of research for your blog to make you money. So most people who fail to make it blogging do so because they fail to invest time in themselves and the business. A friend was right when he said that you cannot be a good writer if you do not endeavour to be a good reader.


5. They Lack Focus and Concentration: This post is meant for people who want to make blogging a profession even if they are working either for someone or for self. But one thing it does not accept is being confused. Many people who do not make it in blogging for cash are those who are either confused or they are not aligned with a particular vision-a vision of what they want to achieve. For example, my dream or vision is to make $10,000 each month. You see, dream and vision have something they help you do. They help you to have a direction. By setting this kind of goal, I have already positioned myself for a life of much cash inflow in the future. I have also mapped out sub-goals that will help me achieve this dream through my blogging activities. I blog every single day. I have 3 blogs. One of them is this and the other is at


Now, after setting goal and having your sub-goals in place, it looks like everything works perfectly in order and by arrangement. This will not allow you to be confused instead you will be surprised at how focused you will become. So the mistake most people who fail to make it through blogging make is that they do not know any reason for concentrating on this business. They want to do everything they learn at the same time. The best is to take your ideas one after the other. Do not get your head clutter with many things; concentrate on one idea until you can move on to the next.


6. They Are Not Setting Specific Goals: I said something about goals on the point 5 above. But setting goals are not the key here. Goal can be unreasonable or “unachievable.” I have quoted the word un-achievable, if there is anything like that, because I do not believe that any goal is not achievable. Les Brown would say that you will not succeed until you start setting goals that are unrealistic and unachievable. He says that something can only be unachievable for a little time until someone achieves it to prove that nothing is actually unachievable. I think I believe him.


But I have included setting realistic and achievable goals here so that you can tailor your goals to a point that will not get you discouraged as you are struggling to make your first money on blogging. As soon as you achieve this point, you can go ahead and set super-high goals -such goals that people will say that are not possible. On my seminars when I tell people that my goal is to make $10,000 every single month, some participants will think am crazy. That is my goal and I am aiming at achieving that. Guess what, once I get there, this goal will change and I will also achieve the new height.


Setting a goal with no time attached is like floating without specifics. The best way to set a goal is to give yourself time to achieve that. For example, I have my goal of making $10,000 from my blogs every month and this to happen before 31st December 2019.


So giving yourself time to achieve your goal will make you to be more serious. While it is also possible that you will not achieve all that you plan to achieve, by setting your goal, it is a mark that you have decided to achieve something very difficult within a time period.


Among the things that will help you achieve your goal is to write your goal down. For example this was what I did. I wrote down: “My goal is to earn 10,000 USD  monthly from my blog before the 31st of December, 2019.” This is simple and anyone can do it.


Next is setting sub-goals that will help you do that. I have sub-goals like making at least one quality post every single day. Such sub-goal is because I know the meaning of having enough content on my blog. Getting content already posted somewhere on the internet is not the ideal because it will rate you low on google. Google appreciates original and high quality contents. Inside this sub-goal too I have another sub-goal which is to make at least once a month one post that will produce ideas that are not common on the internet and people need it.


For example,  I posted last week about how to obtain a USD denominated card for Nigerian Internet users who are no longer allowed to use their ATM cards to make purchases on foreign websites like, aliexpress, DhGate, Amazon, etc. They also cannot use Paypal due to such limitations.

You Can Read How to Obtain the USD denominated Card Here. 

Although that was a very easy experience, not up to 5% Nigerian internet users know how to go about it. So that post generated many readers and I have continued to have calls to that effect. The more you have contents that make people want to reach you, the more they get closer to you. The more your readers get closer to you, the more you are likely to earn money from the trust built.



7. They Associate With the Wrong People: Les Brown would say that in order to succeed in life and achieve your dream, you need to cut off from toxic people. Toxic people are those ones who do not see anything good in you. A toxic person can also be someone who do not believe you can achieve a particular dream. Toxic people are everywhere and you meet them all the time. If you openly tell a friend that you want to make blogging a lifetime profession and that you hope to earn a living with it, how many of your friends will accept the idea. How many will agree that you know what you are doing? How many will tell you to go ahead and encourage you that your dream will work? Some of them will laugh at you and some other well-meaning friends will feel you are mad or at least confused.


So the mistake that people make and this makes them not achieve anything from blogging is that they continue to seek advice from those who do not know what they are talking about. If a graduate hopes to go into blogging full time and makes the mistake of discussing his idea with a career person, you can readily predict what the outcome will be.


Believe it or not, The people you hang out with will always determine your future. This is why we need to choose wisely If we must achieve our dream. In internet business or marketing, we need motivation almost all the time to keep us going. This is because it is not everybody that believes that it is worthwhile. And one of the reasons people fail is because they lack those motivations due to the people they hang out with. Never allow this to happen to you.


8. They Do Not Give Enough Time to Their Blog as Business: If your blog is not a hobby set aside some time on daily basis to work on it. This is another mistake many bloggers who don’t make it make. They spend time making posts only. There are other things worth spending time for so long as you want to achieve much on your blog.


For example, when you are starting you will have just a few posts but gradually your post count will increase. During the early days of your blog, you may not be interlinking your posts. So as you continue to make fresh posts, there may be need to interlink with old posts and also a need to link old posts to fresh ones. Doing this will make your old posts get readers always and they will add to your overall site visibility on the internet. You can only be able to do this if you spend a little more time going through your blog and posts.


Spending time on your blog will also reveal some costly errors you will need to correct. Sometimes, you are always in a hurry to make posts and will encounter a lot of grammatical and typographic errors. You may not be able to render the needed corrections at the time of making the post but if you have the courage to read back on your post at sometime in the future, you may be surprised that you will become an expert editor who will do great work.


Spending time on your blog will also include the time spent on making the post itself.

John Morrow wrote on his blog: “For one, there’s the time investment. I’ve never seen anyone learn everything necessary to build a profitable blog in less than three years.”

Some people just pick a topic and start writing. That is not the best way. Enough research is needed. Then while you write too, you may need to linger on your ideas and fine tune them before writing them down. It is also not compulsory to finish a post same day you started it. The post you are reading now has taken me at least 3 days to make. So, you may need to be patient in order to make a quality post for your readers. Think about a well prepared food, it takes time to make that. Same goes to a good blog post, it takes more time to make than what some bloggers think.


I feel more obliged to quote one of the best lines I read from Jon Morrows Blog at SmartBlogger.Com:

“My Journey from $0-$100,000 a Month

It took me about five years to earn my first dollar.

During that time, I started four different blogs, working on them at night and on the weekends. The first three failed. Despite investing hundreds of hours into each one, I made too many mistakes, and I eventually had to shut the blogs down. I didn’t earn a penny from them.

And I won’t lie to you… it sucked.

Each time a blog failed, I seriously thought about quitting. I felt like I was putting in all that time and energy for nothing.

But it wasn’t true. I was learning.

Yes, I made a lot of mistakes, but I didn’t repeat them. So, while those first four blogs were all “failures,” each one was also closer to success than the last.

With the fourth blog, everything finally clicked. I was getting 1000 visitors a day within about two months, and I sold it for $10,000. That’s when I knew I was onto something.

From there, I went to work for other big blogs for a few years, helping grow Copyblogger and KISSmetrics into what they are today. Eventually though, I felt the itch to go out on my own again, so I left and started this blog. It now turns a fairly steady $100,000+ a month.

In total, it took me about eight years to get here, but in exchange for investing those eight years, I now have enough money to support me until the day I die. Also, every day I get emails from people telling me how I changed their lives for the better.

So, it was worth it. No question.”


Not making out time to work on your blog may ruin the chances of making enough money on it. Check the list below, you will find some areas to play around with so that your blog will have a good tune all the time.

  •     Always check to confirm that your blog is loading normal.
  • Check the loading time of your blog and work on it if its poor.
  • See if you have any email messages or requests then respond to them.
  • Discover how to check your blog’s statistics and find out if your traffic and income is growing or if you need to make any changes where necessary.
  • Regularly update your blog and seek to link back to old posts.
  • Try to promote your posts very well. Advertised posts make more money all the time.
  • Don’t depend on what you know alone, connect and build relationship with the authority bloggers in your niche
  • Seek prominence by guest-posting on other authority blogs like never before. Remember that if you post in other people’s blogs, you leave footprints that will be traced to your own blog. The more people read your posts from other blogs, the more it’s possible that they will find you on your blog to read me.


9. They unwisely lack Connection and Up-building Relationship with Their Readers: The truth is that your readers will not make you any money if they don’t trust you. You must earn their trust for them to start and continue to patronize your business. Making money from a blog is not only about the quality posts that you make. No! Much more is required. My next post will feature direct and indirect ways to make money from a good blog. Direct ways to make money include selling something to visitors who regularly read from you. For this to happen, they must trust and see you as someone who has something of value for their money and not a time waster.


Bloggers who make this mistake are likely not going to make money from their blogging activities.

You need to know that for people to click on your links all the time and or buy the things you’re promoting on your site, like e-books and other virtual products from affiliates or solid items that you are promoting for others, you must be someone they know and believe in. But how can they know you since you may not be living in the same geographical location with them?

You can make this possible by showing them that you like and care for them. You do this through your posts and responses you give to their comments. Endeavour not to politicize your blog. Always appreciate comments even if they are giving different opinion from what you had posted. Do not argue with your readers or with those who make comments on your posts. Constructively make your points always stand out. If you make a mistake and you receive correction from a comment made on your post, do not claim to be the master who cannot be corrected. Always know that some of your readers of followers are people who are already vast in the system and are looking for small extra to make up for something. Use good comments to recorgnise comenters who show some level of intelligence that may marvel you.

Answering questions raised by your readers is another sure way to connect perfectly to them. To this, you promote yourself to an expert that your readers may depend on. Remember that you do not need to be a school expert to be able to be an expert in something. Thinking deeply on how to solve problems or questions raised by your readers or quickly making a small research on the internet could be all you need to give another great name to yourself.  

Interacting with them on the social media and many more is yet another way to get closer and friendlier with your readers. You can make a Facebook comment connect to your blog. That way people who read your blog can make comments from their Facebook account. Don’t forget to always write interesting and engaging articles on your site. Do not be stingy with information. Some bloggers write brief information and reserve the best part of their ideas for paid articles. The holy book says that if you sow bountifully, you will reap bountifully but if you sow sparingly, you know what to expect. Be liberal and see how your blog grows to make you good money. Also remember that so far as blogging is concerned, quality content is king.


10. They are Not Connecting with “Seniors” in Their Niche: The best way to start your own blog is spending time making posts for seniors in your Niche. There are masters in every game. Locate the masters of the game you wanna play and have them give you approval to work for and with them. Making serious and useful posts free-of-charge for masters of your game will not only help you learn from the masters but will also help promote you in that game. You will earn yourself credibility that will take you years to build if you start straight on your own.


It doesn’t matter whether you are older in age than these masters.What matters is that they will have your back. Follow them even after you have succeeded. Mention them on your posts as your masters and do a lot for them free-of-charge. Like, you can post articles that promote their own blogs. You can also write specifically on your blog to appreciate them. That is what it takes to cement a connection that will last a lifetime


So it is a nasty mistake not to connect with some mentors just the way you would in a regular business. This has caused failures that you must do anything to avoid.


While I have addressed the issue of what can cause failure to make money from your blog, Let me briefly help you see what you need to do to be sure that you are blogging for cash.


Do This and You Will Make Money Blogging

I have covered a lot in this post and it is my believe that you have enjoyed it so far. There are many options to making money from your blog but what you will read from now represent the top-10 ways and I believe that they definitely will make you money if you do them very well.


  • Sell Your Own Virtual or e-Products. This is a very useful reason we create blogs. If you already have a product like an e-book, you stand great chance of selling plenty of copies if you have traffic flowing to your blog.
  • Sell Your Own Physical Products: If you have handy items for sell, your blog can be the best place where you will tell people everything you can about the product. For example, I sell a water filter that alkalizes drinking water -The Mineral Water Pot. I live at a place where people do not really patronize this product because they can’t always afford to pay for it. So what I did was to create a website with a good blog where I say much about the Mineral Water Pot. Believe me my sales jacked up after running the site for only 2 months
  • Sell Other People’s Products as an Affiliate: If you run a blog and you have gotten a lot of traffic flowing to it, there is virtually nothing you cannot achieve. Selling products as an affiliate is by far one of the best means of monetizing your blog. Affiliation pays high. Some companies will pay you up to 75% of the selling price of an e-Product. Here is the reason. There are many of such people like you who are marketing the same product. The seller does not have to reproduce the product each time instead what he gives is a link to download it as soon as someone pays for it. So each time there is sales someone pays for a product another time. So the seller makes an accumulation of all sales while the affiliates only make the commission paid them at any point in time.
  • Sell Advert Space:  This is another perfect means of monetizing a blog. If your blog has enough traffic, you can offer adverts for organizations and companies and those adverts will pay you enough money. You are the master here and no one determines how much you charge -it’s up to you. Take for example the Linda Ikeji’s Blog. Visit the blog and see how she surrounds it with paid advertisement. Although the adverts are much, people still visit the website because of its relevance. Another example is that of a site built by one of my students at Wisdom still has more chances to monetize this blog because more than 100,000 visitors are found on this website each month.
  • Google Adsense: Apart from your customized and personal ads that you can run on your website, Google can power a set of random ads that can generate you enough income every other month. Some people criticize Google Adsense because, according to them, it can make a site look clumsy. Well, this is not completely true. Here is the reason. Google make adverts apply the same colour of fonts on your website most often so that it appears almost impossible to decipher the difference. So I use Google Adsense and I preach to my students to do everything to integrate Adsense on their websites. In my next set of posts, I will show you, step-by-step my findings about creating an Adsense enabled blog. I will take you through the lane of what it takes to have google give you approval. But to do that, I will start by showing you how to get Adsense for your video and then how to use Adsense to monetize your whole blog. Expect this post by next week.
  • Sell Services: Whatever you do and that has value can be offered as a service to your visitors. Check for what people who read your blog are interested in. You may not need to be the one who provides the service. You can hire someone who can to do that. The bottom line is that you can earn from giving a service on your blog. Some people make hundreds of thousands of Dollars from their blog every other month by giving tips and advice on weight management and they succeed each time.
  • Give Webinar: Recently, I attended a webinar that more than 3000 other people attended with me. This was a great show honestly. But you may be thinking that people must pay for the webinar for you to make money from it. Nah! Webinars can be given free and the presenter often take the last part of the webinar to announce numerous products he is selling. The descriptive manner webinar products are presented makes it almost irresistible. The webinar platform gives room for chatting to go on. I was awestruck how people were paying for the products that were offered.
  • E-Mail List: You may have heard an old saying that “the money is in the list.” This simply says that if you are able to make people who visit your blog leave their emails with you and also make them trust you so much to ask for your continued education with them, you will make big money from them. I am not going to analyse each of these means on this post. i will post for each of these methods in my subsequent posts.
  • Product Review: When you take time to study about products you wish to promote as an affiliate, you can make more money by reviewing them. Reviewing products means that you can tell the visitors of your website about a particular product. So if you are able to find products that you like to promote and you are able to write very extensive review on them, chances are that you will definitely make money out of this.
  • Publish a Book: Sometimes, the main problem people have with writing books is knowing how to sell them. It had happened to me when I wrote my first book called The Global e-Payment System. I didn’t know how to bring this book to my target audience -the same exact people I had in mind before starting the book. But with a good blog particularly on the niche that you have written about in your book, chances are that you have gotten a platform to gather same people who will be interested in reading your book. If this happens, you will make good money.
  • Live Training, Workshops, and Seminars: You can use your blog to market your public speaking business or a Seminar that will soon come. You can start blogging about what you will teach in training section or workshop months ahead of time. You can make people follow you for a long time so that they can decide whether they are attending or not. This method of invitation and publicity is very effective and more productive than any Television or Radio advertisement.
  • Sell your website: This may be the last thing in your mind. But I can tell you that this is a good idea especially if you know how to start good websites from the scratch. A website can be sold for its 5 years earning per month. This is what I mean. If a website generates $5,000 per month, it can be sold for up to $5,000 X 12 months X 5yrs. Which business can pay this. And guess what, you can start another website on the same niche and still fill it up with the same idea as the old one.
  • There are other means of monetizing a blog some others include: Offer of Membership programme, Job Board/Directory, Product Comparism, etc. 

In subsequent posts, I will write step-by-step on how to handle each of these money making opportunities. I hope to make it soon.


Before then, I wish you all the best in your newly choosen career -Blogging.


To your Success!




  1. What a wonderful and timely information. Thanks a lot for sharing this information. It will go a long way as I start my own journey of blogging.

  2. Prosper Ogbonna | December 20, 2016 at 4:19 pm | Reply

    Thanks Mr Mendo for this lucrative information. Can u please give me your contact again? I changed my phone, so lost a lot of contact. Am interested in d subject discussed but need ur mentorship. Once again, thanks a million

    • Hello Prosper,
      After many years, I am so glad to link back to you again.
      Kindly send a mail to me at or reach me on whatsapp +2348032929756

      I am giving the information on this blog free to all people. If you check the quality, you can confirm that it’s worth much more.But there is simply one thing I target to achieve. I wish to make more Africans make money online and get out of poverty at their own terms.
      To make this possible, this information must reach as many of them as possible.

      Here’s the work in your hand now:
      Kindly share this blog or its posts on your FB wall or and on any forum or group you belong to and encourage a lot other friends to do the same. That way, many people will see and read success to their path.

      Once again, thank you Prosper for stopping by.

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