Promote Your Blog: 15 Most Effective Ways to Get traffic to Your Blog

I believe that every business should have an active blog. My experience as a CEO of a company in a very competitive field have taught me that blogging will always set any company apart and lead to more profit over time. I’ve also learnt that blogging is the single most effective way to consistently drive traffic for free. Here is why. Good blog content can drive traffic from search engines, social shares, and referrals from other websites. With a small push button enabled, a blog can post a well-written sales page to hundreds of thousands of group members on social media.

Get convinced my friend, you may need to read posts from Hubspot and find this detail. Look at part of what I found:

“As expected, we found that the more blog posts companies published per month, the more traffic they saw on their website. Companies that published 16+ blog posts per month got almost 3.5X more traffic than companies that published between 0 – 4 monthly posts.”


Another good side of blogging is that it helps one build one’s brand, establish expertise, answer questions asked by possible clients and customers, and directly encourage customer loyalty all the time. Not only does blogging help you drive more traffic to your website and business,  it can also help you improve conversion with your visitors and clients.

I will not deny the fact that blogging is a very big work. Which work is easy, come to think of it. Blogging effectively is never as easy as just writing a post and waiting for the sales to start rolling in. Apart from making good posts and driving home good points that people need to read, if you do not know how to promote your blog, it is likely that only family members and a few friends whom you share with will see them. What can be more discouraging than making posts that people do not find let alone read.


To me, promoting a blog is a lot easier than promoting a product. It is worthy of note that the best blog has a product or brand that it promotes. So since your blog directly or indirectly promotes a brand, it will still lead to the desired sales. I have done marvelously with my blog promoting Mineral water pot that I had found very difficult selling on regular markets. I am not a good sales man. I know how many times I had failed trying to sell a product. At a point, to be able to sell The Mineral Water Pot, I developed series of books that like -Water Can Heal; Water  A Fluid That Heals; Amazing Discovery of The Mineral Water Pot, etc. Water Can Heal has tremendously helped me sell the Mineral Water Pot Due to my inability to sell enough of the Water Pots, and due to how fast I started selling with the books I wrote which most times I sell to Dynapharm Distributors, I saw a light leading me to greater opportunities. That light showed me that if I can create blogs that people read, I can sell more water pots. So I started a Blog in 2011. That Blog was based on free blogger platform and I didn’t even post much.


My result was so unbelievable. In less than 2 years, I was selling more than 20 Mineral Water Pots a month as against 5 earlier. Later I started selling 30 and I sell more than 150 per month after I made the blog dedicated on a self-hosted website at MyWaterPot.Com.

In future posts, I will show you how I made very effective use of the WooCommerce e-Commerce platform and Local Payment processors (VoguePay) to make my sales of the Mineral Water Pot at


The aim of this post is to show you 15 ways I was able to turn my blog of less than 1 year around to making much sales every month.

I want you to realize that there is nothing as discouraging as not having enough readers for your posts despite how hard you try. There is, nevertheless, nothing more encouraging than seeing that people you don’t even know are visiting your site everyday and some of them contact you.



If you try to find posts about making money online, you will be greeted with millions of pages already uploaded to the internet. But, the truth is that more than 75% of these are time wasters and totally irrelevant. If your post falls among irrelevant posts on the internet, know that it will not take a long time for people to desert your blog.


Secondly, people find enough relevant posts free on the internet and will not waste any time on any website that fails to give them the desired results. This having been said, the first thing you need to consider while thinking about building the traffic that will keep your site highly monetized is Quality Content. Having great content and making it seen by people who need it is a sure way of driving Thin Air Cash to your account. Understand that it’s not enough to just publish a blog post, It needs to be awesome and has the “stand out” effect which will drive traffic for you.


After working on a particular blog for 2 years, I discovered that there are ways you can make your blog to stand out without having to spend thousands of dollars promoting it. Here are a few ways to do that.

  1. Write something completely new from what people have been reading.
  2. Dedicate enough time to be able to cover your topic you are writing more than anyone else had.
  3. Write an existing topic in a different way to be able to make people still want to read it.


If you try to make posts that will follow the above laid down criteria, it is likely that you will not struggle too much to promote them. But you just make posts because you know what to write and not considering the above rules, you will spend more quality time making them relevant and seeking people who will read them.


This same rule applies to making titles for your posts. If your post is very attractive, poor title can make it irrelevant. Poor titles have ruined the availability of some great posts on the blogsphare. So, do great work in naming your posts as this will also go a long way in bringing people to your blog.


The internet seems over-crowded since people found the relevance of blogging in business and life in general. So almost all topics have been “taken”. For experienced bloggers, generating good topics that will still sell is such an easy task. But to people starting off on blogging creating high selling topics and posts are more challenging that anything else. Another point is, some niche areas are already saturated that you will find it hard to even know where to start let alone making unique topics and posts. This is where you need more time and practice to succeed. Do you know that Google no longer accepts adsense applications from making-money blogs.


Let me introduce some tools that can help you find out what you’re up against. Use a tool like Buzzsumo to find the most popular content on a topic and create time to read it.

Search your keyword in Google and read the stuff that’s ranking on the first page. This is one important way to get clear idea of what is performing well in the niche you chose.

15 Great Ways to Promote Your Blog

You have started a good blog and you have written good posts that you want the world to find pleasure in reading but you are trapped in the confusing state of promoting it and reaching your goal of making a particular amount from your effort. There is no problem as it is very possible that you can succeed. Most people are discouraged when they think about how much they can spend trying to sell their blogs to people with regular promotional options. The strategies you will read from now will guarantee good traffic to your blog and above all, they don’t cost you a thing. What you are about reading now are 15 effective strategies that will help you promote your blog without stress. You can use some of them or decide to try all of them.


1. Share Your Posts on Social Media

I started publishing my posts on Facebook earlier before I became a professional Blogger. I experience large amount of readership from Facebook sources. You may not make enough readers from just publishing your most recent posts on Facebook. Here is the reason. Some of your friends have much materials to read that yours may land on their wall when they are sleeping and they may not have time to continue checking until they find it. To beat this uncertainty, I created a group and invited my Facebook friends to join my group. This way, I guarantee that any post I make will send a signal to Group members notification. I also created a Facebook page that I invited friends to like. So for each of my Facebook page and Facebook Group, I publish my posts and it gets to the audience I have as friends on Facebook.


I suggest this to you. Do not just share your post once and give up at that. Share your posts on regular bases. You will be reaching some people who couldn’t see it when you shared it at first. Also try and add a social share plugin on your WordPress Blog. This way on clicking a button, I automatically share any of my blogs on Facebook, G+, Twitter, etc. Above all, it makes it easy for any of your readers to share your posts without having to open his/her Facebook page and sharing your post.


Always remember that sharing your post is a solid way of making it go viral and can pronounce your blog too fast. This is a well known way to rapidly fix a traffic problem on a useful blog.


2. Setup a Mailing List (List Building)

There is a general saying on internet marketing that “Money is in the List.” If you know what this means, you already know why Building an E-mail  list is a powerful strategy in building a traffic for any blog. List building is a strategy in online marketing where the marketer collects e-mails of possible customers by making them willingly opt-in for a mailing programme. You may have at one time or another subscribed for an email list programme. If you had been offered a free book or video or software and to download it, you were asked to give your email address to be able to find a download link and you did, you willingly joined an email list programme. Because the offer that was made to you was something you liked and may not like to miss, you did willingly give off your email to receive the offer. Most opt-in offers are totally irresistible because, in most cases, they give you for free values that will cost you money elsewhere to obtain.


What marketers do with such lists most times is to continue to send product marketing mails to subscribers of their lists. This on its own is dangerous because they can lead to a great number of subscribers to unsubscribe. So instead of regularly urging your subscribers to by something from you, a good practice require that you teach your subscribers how to do something that they are struggling to do and you teach them free of charge. When you show your readers that your interest is for them to learn from you, you will be surprised at how fast you build loyalty from them an encourage them to buy things from you.


You can use this method to effectively build up traffic for your blog. Remember that a blog that doesn’t have traffic will never make money no matter how carefully penned the ideas are. And no matter how educative a blog is, if people do not visit it, the blogger has wasted his time. I will add that a good blog is not a well-designed one and is not the most beautiful website on the internet. A good blog is the blog with the most traffic. Traffic is king so long as blogging is concerned. Do your utmost to build your traffic today.  Understand that the more you have enough people who read your post through their emails, the more you will have shares to their friends.

In a future post, I will show you how to build a list without spending much from your budget and how to make your list make you money online.


3. Reach Out Effectively

You may not have developed a working group on Facebook or built a huge and reliable E-mail list to share your blog ideas in. Do not allow this to deter you. Here is another option you can tap into. Collaborate with people who have. You may be able to get other bloggers, business owners, and influencers who are interested in your project to share your content on social media or with their email list. Just ask. Comb the internet, you will be surprised that what you will find will be a great relief for you.

There are people who might be interested in the content found on your blog or whose audience might just like what you post. Create a list of such people and get in touch with them via e-mail. This people saying no is far better than when you try nothing. This is one of the best ways I make more people visit my blog.


4. Create Powerful Link Bait

When you read some posts, you find out that some smaller blogs mention very powerful bloggers. I know how many times some of my students would refer to me in their posts and shower praises on me as a great mentor. In some cases, a particular post will target a big blog and try to flatter the ego of the owner of the blog. Humans like praises and honor, myself inclusive. When a blog writes good things about another blog or another blogger, thereby indirectly seeking the approval of the other blogger, we call it “link bait”. This is why. Blogger pay back respect, honor, recognition, praises, etc by making a backlink of the blogs on their own blogs/websites.  So if you spend a little time promoting some blogs in your posts, chances are that you will indirectly encourage those big bloggers to recommend you or shower back praises on you by making a link in their blog to your website/blog. Try it today and see how recornised bloggers will share your posts for you.

You can do this by writing about them, linking to their website, or even asking them to contribute to your content. When you make an expert to participate in your post, you are not only creating opportunity for your posts to be shared by people who lead the industry but also you are helping your readers find more quality content that will benefit them.


I wish to remind you that if you must make effective use of this method, be sure that the person you are writing about know about it. If the person you’re including doesn’t know you’re writing about them, it will be hard to make the necessary recommendations for you. It will also not be making any meaning because they are not gonna find your post so soon to reciprocate your recognition about them. So make sure to let them know, either by emailing them or mentioning them on social media. Make a deliberate and specific effort to have them make a backlink for you.


5. Make Guest Posts on Other Blogs

Apart from Link Baits and reaching out as described above, there’s another way you can tap into someone else’s regular followers. Make your blog post right on their blogs. In subsequent posts, I will write about Guest posting because of important it has become in driving traffic to even new blogs. Guest posting is a great way to get your name out there and drive traffic from powerful and highly recognized blogs with superb traffic back to your own blog. If you can target the right community, you are almost sure to make it with this method. Write a blog post that is both relevant to the audience and relevant to your business. So what will do the magic is your prudence in adding links from this post to your blog/website.


To successfully guest-post, you will search out big blogs that are looking for guest posters. Please understand that, while you have the intention of getting links back to your blog, that is not the main objective. Your main objective should be to deliver valuable messages to the audience you found on another blog. This is the only way you can make this audience, on their own, seek to follow you to your own blog. If I do not see any quality post from someone in a blog I visited, I will hardly follow this one to his own blog because I would conclude that he will have nothing much to offer down there.


6. Comment on Other Blogs

Sometimes, you may read posts that attract you. I have read well thought out posts and most often, I make comments to appreciate the writers. Making comments on blogs written by other can be a wonderful way to make yourself be known. Through this method, you can build strong relationships that can translate well to traffic to your blog.


You can as well build good rapport with the bloggers you make up-building comments on their posts. You can also use blog commenting to build relationships with such bloggers and get in front of their audience. Use insightful words when you are making comments and nothing can win you more credit than this.


Another way to win traffic through commenting on other blogs is what happens when you give answers to questions raised by other people who made comments. While the owner of a blog may be busy with other comments or may be searching out answers to a question on his blog, giving ready answers to questions raised on a blog you are reading or following has a way of making you an expert even without directly making a post. This has happened to me in several occasions when I give answers to questions relating to using wordpress and creating e-commerce websites. When you make meaningful contributions to highly rated blogs, you stand out from the crowd. Above all, you set yourself aside for others to follow you through.


7. Take time to Participate in Forums

If your blog targets Nigerians, I have an idea that works for me all the time in driving enough traffic to my website.  There is a good place place you can go to promote your blog. That place is NairaLand.


If you are a member of Nairaland forum, congratulations but if you are not, you can do your business a favour by joining today. Nairaland has more than 1.6 million members and most are active everyday.


There are many forums like Nairaland where people congregate to talk about specific topics. Similar to blog commenting, if you are active in making comments on forums, chances are that you will attract many followers who will find you in your own blogs and will read your posts. In forums, there is something we call signature. A good signature will have your blog link. Using a blog link as signature is the best way to bring people who read your forum comments or posts to your blog. Here is why. Many forums prohibit users from posting links and addresses inside the posts or comments they make. Sometimes, because a post or comment has links in it, the post or comment will not successfully submit. Forums can automatically disable submit if a post or comment has links. This is the best way to check spamming forum readers with unauthorized and useless links.


8. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a place to ask and answer questions. You can visit the website today if you have not done that before and this will reveal to you opportunities that exist. There are threads on pretty much everything going on on Quora, and you can use include links in your answers. Understand that your answer doesn’t have to be the best answer for you to have readers on them. And each reader has the potential for following you to your blog at any time. Search quora for topics related to your blog post. Look for questions you can make comments or give answers to as they relate to a post in your blog. Remember that you can use a link in your blog to add to answers you are giving. What better can automatically make people find your blog and drive useful and authentic traffic to your blog than this?

One more reason makes this a better option. All questions and answers remain on -they don’t get deleted. This means that they are left for many years for people with similar questions to find answers for them. This is a guarantee method to always bring people to your blog so long as it has meaningful answers that will continue to bring people back to you.


9. Apply Social Lockers

A social locker is like a share plugin. You can encourage blog readers to share your content as they’re reading it with a social locker. A social locker hides part of your content. In order to access the hidden content, readers need to share the article on social media. One way people can press further to want what you are hiding is when it is relevant to them. Making your contents attractive, educative, inviting (by adding incentives or free gifts) can guarantee that people will follow through to find them.


10. Run a Contest

Deliberately running a contest will attract people to your blog. You can give a prize for someone being able to do a particular thing. People like winning things and competitions. Look out for what to offer that will attract people.


But attracting people to your contest is not the way to pull the desired traffic. You can further do this through the records you keep and list you build during the entry period. As participants are joining, keep track of their details will lead to success in future in building strong traffic.

In future, I will write another article that can help more of my readers understand how to bring more traffic to their blogs through this contest platform.


11. Post on Reddit

At Reddit, you find a community of people who like to spend sometime reading posts on the internet. It will pay if you can spend time to find sub-reddit groups that relate to your blog or posts and this is a very beautiful way of sharing. Participating in Reddit is another serious way to drive targeted traffic to your blog. The key to success here is to make sure you’re starting an interesting or helpful discussion, not just dropping a link. People value relevant discussions and will follow you once your interest is in giving out the best.


12. Use Facebook Groups More Effectively

I have mentioned this before but posting it again as a strategy makes more sense. Facebook Groups are excellent places to promote contents. If you are a member of a group, fine. But if you have groups you set up yourself or the one you have moderator’s privilege, you stand a better advantage. Groups give you a good avenue to share your contents and get them delivered on notifications of your friends. Groups also help you have more shares through friends who like the posts you make and share them to their own friends whom you do not even know they exist. In most cases, posting a quality blog post is fine but be mindful of the group’s rules. defaulting on group rules when you are not the moderator or admin may lead to your total ban on using the group.


13. Submit Your Content to Content Curators

On the internet you will find so many websites whose attention is on curating content on a specific topics or Niches. Most of them make use of use  upvotes and downvotes systems to decide what’s most popular or whats most unpopular. If you find such sites  in your niche, don’t forget to share your content there. Some sites, like Digg, will curate content in almost all niche areas, while others, like Web Designer News, only share content from a particular niche.


14. Answer HARO (Help A Reporter Out) Queries

Attracting media mentions is another powerful way of promoting a blog. Use a tool like HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to get quote requests from journalists straight to your inbox. Making yourself available makes it possible for you to receive requests you can help to solve. So whenever you see a request you can help out with, send a thoughtful reply all the time. If your response is used in the article, it will typically include a link back to your blog for people who feel you have more solutions that they may need.


15. Use a Feed programme to Syndicate Your Blog

Such websites that allow you to submit existing articles and get published are often referred to as Content syndication websites. You can benefit from content syndication if you use platforms like LinkedIn or Medium. Always be sure to include several links back to your blog and encourage readers to click through for many more other great content.


The truth is that making great posts takes much time. I spend a full day or sometimes more than a day to make a post. After engaging in all the hard work will you not rather be better if there are people who read them. It is only when people visit your blog that it can ever make any money for you. So, make sure your work gets read. What you have read above are purely my ideas on how you can promote your blog. There are no specific methods. Stick to what works for you and research on what more can work more for you.


I will be glad to read your comments on this post especially telling us what more you did find out to work best in bringing more traffic to your blog. Tell us how you promote your blog in the comment section of this post.


If this article is useful to you, know that it will also be useful to your friend. Please find time to share it anywhere you can in order to spread success to all.


To your success


Mendoh Urch Olivers.

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