Planning: How to Plan for And Create Very Rich Blog Contents

To most people the excitement of publishing a few things that the world would see is all they achieve and they get no more further. As a result, they don’t have any schedule or planning for the work that they do.


This post is a sequel to Best Steps to Creating A Money-Making WordPress Blog in 3 Hour

It shows you some other steps that need to be taken if your blog will make you money consistently.


Create an editorial calendar

There is one fatal mistake bloggers make very often –blog only when they “feel like it or when the have leisure.”

No blogger will ever make money by doing this kind of work.

If you invest all the time and effort and probably build blog followership at such a heavy cost, one of the attitudes that will make your blog unproductive as per making money is not having specific time period scheduled for posting.

How will you deliver fresh contents to your fans who are already carried?

If you fail to supply the need of these fans for a long time, chances are that you are not gonna make money from your blog no matter how beautiful it looks.



I am aware that unforseen things do happen.

Distractions come.

Sickness might result.

Anything or things can happen that will make it almost impossible to follow your schedule. Fine, but that is not gonna make you not to follow your sub-goals to achieve a major goal.

Even if you don’t blog, life will never ever be fair all the time.

We live in the world that place less value to consistency but that same world pay for consistency. That same world appreciates any business that remain consistent.

If you do all you can to be consistent, you will make money from your blog because you will be there all the time and will serve needs that people are looking for whom to pay for such services.

If you watch how sequential my postings are, you will agree with me that I am not posting aimlessly.

This does not mean I have all the time for this or that I type very faster than every other person. Nay!

The reason is that I have disciplined myself  to follow an editorial calendar judiciously.

Schedules are not just for big blogs. No! Schedules are for anyone who wants to make people following him to remain loyal and also committed. Schedules are for regular people like you and me.


Let’s think together.

Assuming your child was in critical situation health wise and all of a sudden a certain medication seemingly fixes this situation. Will you ignore other appointments by her doctor? Not even after your child has been totally delivered will you like to do this.

If you have a friend who has invited you for a lunch, I agree that it’s possible that you will not meet up with the invitation. But cutesy demands that you call that friend to reschedule the date, not so?

It is the same when it comes to keeping your appointment to make posts at regular scheduled time.

Editorial calendars will help you do this if you follow them with justice.

They make aggressive goals reachable in micro steps.

They help you be more organized.

You also streamline your social media and email marketing efforts at specific times with specific deliberate actions.

When you follow editorial calendar the best possible way, you will be surprised how you will remold your character and integrity.

You will as well make people trust you more. For example, if you say you are going to show a video that will help your fans improve on lifestyle or anything at a scheduled time, your fans will hook up on good time because they know you will not fail.

This is good for any blog business. The more you keep your schedules, the faster you’ll grow your audience.

So, how do you get started on this journey aimed at improving your lifestyle as a blogger and how much will it cost you?


Let’s get it all here. And it costs nothing. Follow me on this journey as you continue to the end of this post.


Open up a new Excel spreadsheet now.

Do you have multiple writers, then you can share the sheet using Google drive.

Make four columns on your sheet to include

Publishing Date, Title, Keyword and Notes.


Let us see how this tool can set you aside as a professional blogger who knows what he/she is doing.



Take time to analyse the screenshot above.

  • It shows a deliberate and objective planning to achieve a goal.
  • It has assignments for everyone involved.
  • The column options -Date | Title| Keyword| Notes|, what do they teach you?
    • The time for brainstorming is quite different from the time of actual posting. This makes it possible for you to work with already developed theme and with a plan to achieve a high quality post at a particular time.
    • The date provides you a schedule and a scheduled time to fulfill a particular post and not just waking up one morning and decides to ehm! em! what can I post today? And you jump to one outrageous topic you cannot even research about.
    • Having the keyword plans help you improve your SEO and make your site rank very high on Google. Dears friend, Google and other search engines shoul matter to every blogger. They reveal us and bring people to our blogs even when we are asleep.
    • Notes continue to remind us what we wish to achieve or what we plan to make part of our posts. Because we had planned for this post well enough ahead of time, it makes it possible for us to gather all materials that we wish to use for our post. Making a deliberate schedule and fixing in all that you need will make it easier for you to produce a wow! in your articles.
    • If you have other blogger is your group, contributors, etc, making such a schedule and sharing it will help each member of the group to know what is expected.
    • Making a schedule will help you come back to something you need to do which you have not done or which you missed due to circumstances. You cannot forget it because it’s already down on writing.

This items you see are not all there is to consider while building your posts.

You may need to add possible categories where each of your scheduled posts will be developed.

You may need to add key points or small details of your coverage are.

You may also decide to add something like scheduled time to finish a post.

So it all depends upon you to develop your schedule the way you want it.

The most important thing is to create a good schedule, develop the options you need, follow it consistently, and make a plan to compensate for obstacles and challenges that hinder you from achieving your schedule.



Plan how to follow your schedule and be disciplined in all that you do.

Always check your calendar on your iPhone, Android or the one hanging on your fridge.

create reminders that will help you know what’s next on schedule.


Decide How often you wish to make your posts?

  • Monthly?
  • Weekly?
  • Daily?
  • Twice a day.

All depends on you, your time, dedication, circumstances, etc.


Be creative and Be conservative when making your schedule.

It’s true that if “aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” This may not apply to making a schedule for yourself.

Here is why.

If you continue to miss your deadlines, chances are that you will get frustrated and sooner or later, you will chicken out.



Fill up your Title Column

You still remember what we learnt at brainstorming section?

It’s time to apply it.

Add the answers you gave to yourself to the questions you raised while doing your brainstorming.

Add this to the “Title” column now.

Do not expect any perfection yet. No!

While I write my headlines first and try to mold all my writing around the title. But there is something I have come to appreciate about writing.

The more you develop a particular write-up, the more it becomes much clearer. The more this happens, the more it’s likely that you will change the topic several times.

Often, the best headlines come after the article had been written.

On the keyword column, work to specifically write down your special keywords for each post.

To boost your keyword phrases more, you can spend some more time to make a keyword research with Google.



Decide when to post.

If you decide to make your posts at least once every week, be specific about the day you will do this.

Don’t just say one post a week, No!

Say I will post by exactly 8.45pm every Sunday

Doing this will help your readers to follow you and not to miss out. After all they are already expecting something from you.

If you make your posts 3 days of the week, decide which days are this and schedule to always post at a specific time. You can say, I will make my posts every Monday (8.45pm), Wednesday (8.45pm), and Sunday (2.00pm)

Pls know this

The best way to fix your time is considering where your audience come from and what time would be best suiting for them. Best time to schedule a post is when your audience would be facing their computers like after meals in the evening, etc.

When you make a promise to post something special to your followers or fan, do not ever fail to do that and do it at the exact time you said you would.

Remember that these guys are simply loyal to you and decided to follow you not because you are their only option.

Again, they have sacrificed a lot to be at your feet that day. Common sense will teach us to pay back loyalty to loyalty.


Okay. Let’s work on the Calendar now.

Go to Google Calendars and set up your first new calendar.

To do this, click the down arrow to the right of “My Calendars.”


Click “Create New Calendar”

Then add the name you want to use, description and time zone.

If you are many in a group blogging setting, share your calendar with other members of the group.

If you don’t have group members, share it with friends and family who are interested in helping you reach your goal.


After filling up the necessary information, click “Create Calendar.” Do your best to master how to continue using your new calendar. Over time this job would become easier for you.

Please be sure that your calendar is selected in the left sidebar and also don’t forget to change your schedule view to “week.”


Choose a time slot under a day and add your blog post title as the “Event Title.”

Pls don’t forget to set some reminders at least 2 days ahead of time and 1 day to the scheduled publishing  day.


In summary,

Dear friend, never write only whenever it’s convenient. If you do this, you are likely going to ruin your success as an aspiring blogger.,

You’ll also create a room for shortage of ideas when you need more of it.

So the best option is to create your ideas during the brainstorming time, save them as we discussed earlier, and finally use them according to your schedule.

Everything will look programmed and who succeeds better than a programmed and organized blogger?

As a key point, since procrastination is a major obstacle to blogging for cash, this settings discussed on this post will fix procrastination an set you free to explore and conquer.



The next article will conclude this series.

The topic is  How to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air

I invite you to continue as we expose the final part of this series.


Just to put you back in order how these three posts were organized,


The first Part

Best Steps to Creating A Money-Making WordPress Blog in 3 Hours

This part deals with the nitty gritty of creating a beautiful WordPress blog and setting up the Search Engines to locate it and spread your blog to the world.

The second part

What to do Next After You have published your First WordPress Blog Post

This part tells us that we cannot just start blogging without having a well-planned schedule. This sets us aprt from people that wake up and start writing anything they think will sell. Such people end up not making any money from creating blogs.

This Final Part

How to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air

Will deal with the actual reason we are here -making money from our passion. It will take us step-by-step on how we can monetize our blog.


Hope you did enjoy reading from me.

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