How to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air

how to monetize your blog and create unlimited wealth from thin air
How to Create unlimited wealth From your blog

This is the last part of my series of posts on making money through A wordpress Blog. This post will teach you How to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air. It tells you how you can attract money to your blog and still maintain the loyalty of your fans.


Remember that this is the final part of this series of three parts.


The first Part

Best Steps to Creating A Money-Making WordPress Blog in 3 Hours

Reveals the ingredients for creating a beautiful WordPress blog and setting up the Search Engines to locate it and spread your blog to the world.


The second part

What to do Next After You have published your First WordPress Blog Post

Tells us that we cannot just start blogging without having a well-planned schedule. This sets us apart from people that wake up and start writing anything they think and still feel it will sell. Such people end up not making any money from creating blogs.


This Final Part

How to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air

Will deal with the actual reason we are here -making money from our passion. It will take us step-by-step on how we can monetize our blog.

I am still wondering what people mean when they say that they are bloggers but they just blog for passion and nothing comes in return for their actions. They continue to make posts over posts over posts but they earn no direct value for doing that.

The second group that will not stop to amaze me is the group of bloggers  that really want to make money with their blog but they don’t due to insufficient fans.

This group spend much time making posts but because the people they have as readers are too minute to make them any money. I pity this group.

I also know another group that make posts, have traffic, regularly update their blog but they cannot make  any money from their actions because they do not know how to do that.

This group appear to do all that is expected of them but because they lack most of what they can do to monetize their Blog and Create Unlimited wealth for themselves, nothing works.


While I can say that the first group I identified here is purely ignorant of what it means to be a blogger and will remain at that level for as long as their ignorance lasts, the second group can depend on what we teach on this blog.

Are you among members of this second group or do you feel that you are suffering from this setback? Then read this post:

Promote Your Blog: 15 Most Effective Ways to Get traffic to Your Blog

But my strongest concern is about the third group of bloggers found here.

They know how to blog. They Can blog. And they can drive huge traffic to their blog and posts. But They lack the ability to monetize their blog and so can make no dime from their actions.

This post is for you if you fall under this category.


Monetizing your blog what is it?

To monetize a blog means to make the blog to be able to earn money. 
Monetization simply refers to the act of making money from anything -it could be website, app, property, blog, software, etc.
To be able to properly monetize your blog and have it make consistent income online, you need to apply what you will read here.

All the time, people do the wrong thing and want to earn money online. but it has stopped working that way.
You are about reading what works and how you can take advantage of it.

How to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air

The last step of every money-making blog exercise it to monetize it.  If you do not have a desire to monetize your blog immediately after launching it, I will praise you for that.

Here is what you need to do first to be able to effectively monetize your blog when it’s time for that.

People hear that you can start making money from blogging and they jump in without trying to lay the necessary foundation.

Even in the Bible laying foundations is emphasized. This is the only way we can be sure that our effort will survive the test of time.

This is the process when you come to most businesses that sell and “fail”

  • They come up quickly with an idea.
  • On a rush, they create a product or products.
  • As soon as possible, they try to sell as many of the products as possible.
  • And before long, they collapse.

Do you see this picture coming to life in your planned blog business.

This is real in most people’s experiences.

They fail, not because they should but because they are only motivated by the sales they anticipate.

They want to quickly make money and leave poverty lines.

But, sadly, they end up sinking more into poverty because they did it all the wrong way.


So in monetizing your blog, I have been preaching to my students to build a loyal audience first and then make them easy to make you money.

You can build such audience or followership through mediums, like email marketing, other blog comments and active social media channels.


What to do if you want to monetize your blog and create unlimited wealth from thin air

Engage your audience

Blogging makes you more fans even without you knowing them in person. It simply gives people access into your life.

I read everything written by Jon Morrow, Nail Patel, and a host of other bloggers. These guys are my mentors and it feels like I know them in person and like I meet them every day of my life.

So your blog should be so enticing that your followers will draw much closer to you as a trusted friend that they owe a lot to share.

Now, to  monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air, ask a question at the end of your blog posts. Here is the main reason for doing this.

You will attract your readers to take action. In blogging the term for such an exercise is “Call to Action.” When you do that, you simply invite your readers to say their mind.

What does that do for you?

It generates hundreds of comments that will continue to build your blog’s popularity and make you an expert when you respond to them.

Guess what I found out!

People are attracted to others when they find answers to their questions or when they feel that those others will help them feel better, know better, or succeed more.

So simply engage your audience and this will attract more loyalty to you.

The other way round, you can also send a survey via emails using Google Forms. This will help you to gain valuable information on what is important to your target audience.


Advertising Makes You Money From Thin Air

Selling products is the most difficult aspect of making money online. To really make money out of thin air, the most efficient way is to serve advertisement on your website or blog. So If you don’t want to be entrapped with selling a physical product or services, you can then do what other publishers are doing

-Sell advertising space.


Google Adsense is a renown platform for rendering paid advertisement on blogs.

To be sincere with you, I see it as the best if you are not engaging in self published ads.

But Google Adsense is the most difficult platform to get into.

Some bloggers quit applying for Adsense after having been turned down for more than 2 years.

Here is the truth, however,

“anyone can put an ad on their blog using Google Adsense. But, the real money comes from private sales of ad placements.”

The real money, really, is on running private placements.

Private placements are advertisements that companies or organizations place on your website/blog because they feel that your readers will love them too.

You charge them at your own terms and they are willing to go all the way with you.

To understand what I mean, here is a screenshot of Linda Ikeji’s blog.


If you build a high traffic blog, its not unlikely that you can make a full-time income selling ad spots on your blog to large corporations.

The only thing that you need to do right now is to add their banner on your website and keep doing what you do best – always write your passion and get paid doing that.

Sell Your products


How to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air

Selling your product on your blog is one of the surest ways of making money online.
In 2010, after I successfully made purchases and paid online; after I created my first personal free blog,
I saw that it was time to write a book that will address many of such online payment problems Nigerians had
due to restrictions. At the time, Nigerian cards were not allowed for any online payment on websites that are not Nigerian.
I discovered a card called Web-Surfer by Zenith Bank. This card, though it was effective was not known by Nigerians because it was 
based online. Some Nigerians who saw the card also did not believe it will pay foreign sites. At a time, I used it to register TOEFL for a Zenith Bank worker. She paid me to do the registration without knowing that she had all it required to register herself.
So I wrote a book that addressed all the challenges of using cards online, making payments, receiving payments, checking for scam, etc.
But guess what? I had no such money to publish my idea offline.

So, I chose what was available. I decided to publish my book online and see if I can make a little sale.
Surprisingly, dear friend, I sold more than 180,000 worth in less than 6 months and I published the hard Copy.

So What I am about teaching here is what I know much about and believe me, I have lived most of my financial life on creating and selling my own products offline and online.

For example, I create an e-Product every month and advertise it on Guardian Newspaper. People see this advertisement and call to know more. And as soon as they are convinced, they pay and I send the product to their email.

In one of such advertisements, about 89 people called me on phone and more than 33 of them bought my e-product.

If you think an e-product sale is not a big business then consider this.

  • e-Products have no price: you sell what you wish to sell and are ready to convince someone to buy
  • e-Products are often based on personal ideas and experiences: You cannot find them exactly the same elsewhere in any market.
  • e-Products do not cost money to produce: most of the products I make cost me only one night of typing and converting to PDF. So I make money from recreational activities.
  • e-Products are priced very high: I sell most of the products I advertise on the Guardian newspaper well above N10,500. The least product I sell goes for N5,500.
  • No delivery cost: You don’t spend more than data for an email to send the product already paid for.
  • You can be selling other people’s products that you are allowed to re-brand
  • You can review other people’s products and make money when they are sold through your review.
  • What else can I say?

For you to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air, you need to sell your own items on your blog.

These can be e-products like I explained above, physical products like I do on MY WATER POT website, can be other people’s products -physical or virtual -that you are helping them to sell. It can also be affiliate products that you are making a review on so that your blog readers who have interest can click and follow them to the purchase point.

Once this happens, you earn from your effort.


Making your audience or fans see your website as a place where they will read numerous advertisements about products you are selling is another way to scare them away.

So that is not the best thing to do please.

Make them feel better by supplying high quality information that they will never resist.

Make your product stand out at the sidebars or at the top of the page or somewhere at the end of the article.

You can as well mention your products as you write something that relate it in your article. In fact, this is the most advanced method of selling that works. Consciously mention the product while you are teaching your audience what relates it and they will come after the product because you have already made them trust it before having it.

You may wish to read More About How to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air on my previous post.


To also learn more about blogging, I will recommend some posts that will lead you through all the way to success. Believe my word to it, I am thorough in my posts about blogging because I want to help as many people as possible before monetizing this blog.

Find time to read:

Blogging: The Best Way to Create Regular Income From Nowhere

How to make Both beautiful and Powerful Blogs that Pay

Promote Your Blog: 15 Most Effective Ways to Get traffic to Your Blog


My Conclusion

To start a blog is very easy. But creating a blog that will be successful and make you money requires dedication, hard work, and much experience. You must be conscious of what you are doing and what you will do next.

It requires much planning and deliberate effort.

I can bet that the reward far outweighs all the worries and stress you may pass through putting your blog together.

There will always be obstacles of life that will throw you off balance. I wish to encourage you to go on pls. Never give up on your passion because that is what pays.

This post and its past other two posts were made for you. They contain everything that you need to get started and succeed.

Last word of caution which I will always sound from now on each time I teach a class on blogging. Please, understand the nature of the people you will be addressing on your blog. They are humans with emotions

So, pls.,

Be the person you are.

Be adventurous.

Be honest.

Be transparent.

If you consistently practice what you read from these three posts, as you try to make useful posts consistently, I am motivated to tell you that you will create unlimited wealth out of thin air.


To your success

Mendoh Urch Olivers


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