African Bloggers Traffic Mistakes Against their Fortune

African Bloggers Traffic Mistakes
African Bloggers Traffic Mistakes

I have identified at least 10 African Bloggers Traffic Mistakes. These are errors committed by bloggers here in Africa while trying to gain traffic for their blogs.

Almost 95% of African Bloggers make these unique sensitive traffic hunting mistakes that cost them their blogging success. I wouldn’t like to generalize anything on this post but I have followed the trend so much to be able to conclude that most African bloggers make these mistakes.

This post will focus at address these 10 major mistakes and show upcoming bloggers and old ones how best to look for traffic without engaging in practices that will work against their progress in creating wealth from their blogging activities.

Something is worse than the mistake itself and that is why I have decided to write this post for my followers and regular readers. That worst thing  is that they make these mistakes often thinking that they are doing the right thing.

I believe that for reading this post, you are interested in blogging or you are already blogging. So check how this affects you and apply the suggestions made on this post to correct them.

Are you surprised why you are not really succeeding in your blog despite how much work you put in?
Check the list, you may be making one, many, or all the mistakes listed.


10 major African Bloggers Traffic Mistakes that Cost them their fortune


1. Spamming personal walls on Social Media:

This is the major mistake inexperienced bloggers make while trying to gain traffic for their blogs.

They spam their walls with same each post they make and each time they think that people will always read from them.

This is a costly mistake because they do not know that in most cases, people don’t take them serious.

I have a case where a blogger will write on his Facebook wall something like “Wanna know how to Do business? Read my Post Here,” and he will give a shortened url to his post.

We already know that he wants to draw attention to his post, so when I see such a direction, I seldom follow it. In fact, I do not even follow it at all.

Such bloggers are those who have many friends or followers on social media.
Their assumption is that because many people see his posts, that they will be forced to read a follow up somewhere.

It doesn’t work like that because people are already expecting that this link will take them to a place that will take much of their time.

But there is a better way to do this and let me explain that to you.


Better way to do this

Instead of spamming your personal wall on social media and thinking that people will read the posts behind them, strive to write comprehensive material on your wall and give out your blog link as a direction for further reading.

This will not only make your readers happy but will also make them wanna go for what is reamaining.


2. Posting Copied Materials on Your Blog

Most African Bloggers make this mistake even when they are seeking adsense approval. They copy all manner of information from other blogs or websites and claim that they have written them.

Have you visited some news blogs lately? you will be surprised to witness the flood of news with eactly the same information written the same way with the same pictures and from the same source.

Honestly, I wonder what kind of blogger that will enjoy posting information that is already saturated and will be happy to tell people that he is a blogger.

Check experienced and successful bloggers what they do. They seek their own information and they create every single article on their blog.

This makes the search engines happy and has a big way of ranking your blog high.
So when you post information that is saturated everywhere, which you copied, you are ruining your succeeds as an internet entrepreneur.


The best way to do it

Make up your own details. Create you own posts no matter how long it will take you.
You may not know this except you follow my posts; I take more than a day to complete my posts.
I start a post and make it online but gradually develop it. That way, I do not have any reason to copy from anyone. You can do the same.

Source your own news. One of my internet business children, wisdom, the owner of MyNaijaInfo learnt this a long time ago. He was also caught in this trap until I taught him the right practice.

His very first totally manufactured post earned him 20,000 readers in a single day.
If you are in Africa and you are making news blogs, believe me, you have everything you need to be unique.

Africa is packed with news. There are new things coming everyday even within your geography. Your news does not need to be classical for it to be international. What you call it is what it is.

Move out as a blogger and look for news.
If you find people fighting, get them, find out why they are fighting, settle their quarrel, write something meaningful about that. For example, you may simple write a heading like “Two almost kill themselves Over a dispute about the Price of Kerosene.”  Then write about how the dispute started, what happened, what people did, what you did, and how the matter was settled. Praise them for their maturity and encourage people to always accept to settle differences quickly.

This way, you will always find something to write and this will sell.

Wisdom that I mentioned was on ground yesterday as the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo visited Aba for the SME Clinic programme. He captured the event and had many picture. There and then he updated his blog with that information and likely he was the first to feed Nigeria with what happened at the centre.

This is not the first time Wisdom will do this. He was their live and reported first hand the Chidnma (Miss Anambra) event. He was also amongst the first to report Peter Obi’s speech at Unizik.

What can you learn dear blogger, find a way to create your news and articles that is why you are proudly called a blogger.


3. Posting Advertorials on Your Group

Groups are for teaching and learning. Occasionally, ads are allowed to help group members find opportunities for further learning that may not be covered in the group. Sadly, most African bloggers come into groups and cluster them with numerous ads.

I do not allow ads on my groups and I often block members that refuse to listen to warnings about posting ads.

while posting those unwanted and annoying ads, some bloggers think that readers or group members will be highly interested in visiting their blogs or pages. This is another myth. No one is following your ads.


The best way to do this

Do not post ads on your group or wall. You may wish to write a good article that will attract people to your ad. Never do it for the ads sake. Be free and write enough information to make the reader look for more. At the end of the article or somewhere at the middle, mention that you have something that can help. You can quickly introduce this and continue with your write up.

This way, your reader is not going to believe that you have made this post for him to get to the ad alone.

Make the article very informative that even if the reader does not wish to read another thing, he will still be satisfied. That is the whole essence of running a blog for Christ sake.


4. Making Posts only for promotional purposes

This is one of the major mistakes that I see almost all bloggers in Africa make. Here, they make guest posting or posting in other blogs but their major intention is to serve links to their websites or blogs.

When you read such posts, you will be faced with one link after another. Most times, the links are not even connected to the subject matter.

Next time a blogger ask to make a guest post on your blog, be specific and tell him the number of links you will permit.

The best practice is to allow for one link and have a signature leading to the author’s blog or website.
Never allow guest posters to bombard your blog with rubbish links to their blogs. This on its own will discourage people who have come for information on your blog.


What you can do

To avoid this mistake, when you make guest posts on other blogs, focus at creating value and not on selling your links.

From my experience, I have learnt that people love you more and want to follow you when they see that your interest is not in making profit out of them.

When this happens, you really make profits without going for them.

I love guest posting because it gives me the audience of people I may not ordinarily meet in the next 2 years. So why should I not respect them and give them more value for their time and effort.

The problem with such bloggers whose interest is to sell their links is that they do not understand the power of giving. The holy book says that when we practice giving, people will give back to us.

What can be more truthful?

So instead of giving them links, try and give them value first. Do not wonder how you will make back for what you have lost. The truth is that you will make hundred fold out of that effort. You know how?

Have you read a post that was written 10 years ago and still see that people are coming everyday to read same post like you did. Those posts continue to drive traffic to the blog as well as to the poster. That is why it is very important to leave something of value as foot print on any post you make as a guest.

See all your posts as yours.
Do not do a different thing when you are called to guest-post. Honestly, I spend more time and do more research for guest posts more than posts on my blog.

This is because I know that any posts I make outside my blog will speak for me. I am not their to defend myself of any errors but they have a way of tenting a bloggers image and rubbishing a future that he looks up to.


5. Promoting Fake Comments on Your Blog

This is form of cheating to oneself. Some bloggers add fake comments on their blogs. What do you gain when you are not even having organic visitors on your blog and you are promoting comments that never exist.

When your blog does not generate comments naturally, that is an indication that you need to do more work. It is either that the quality of your post is not good enough to prompt people to make comments or you are not having enough visitors who will read and say wow!

I can tell you from my experience as a blogger that people appreciate posts that have impact in them. I can’t forget the first of my posts that got a positive feedback. It was a very powerful comment on that post. That was because the post I made solved a problem and that guy could not hold his joy and he purged all with that unsolicited comment on my post.


What you can do

Never ask visitors of your site or blog to make comment on your blog.
You have a different way to do this. You may ask them to make observations. You may also leave a question whose answers will lead to powerful interactions on your post.

You may also ask your readers to make contributions on your post. Show that you may not have touched all the areas of that subject and request anyone with other ideas to make contribution.

For example, you may be making a post on 10 reasons people fail in school. Inside your reasons, you may have concentrated on not reading, environmental, poverty, etc, etc. But you may forget other factors like learning disorder, low quality teachers, etc.

So an educationist may be on ground to read your post and while he agrees with your highly researched 10 points, he may have more than 10 others that you never thought anything about.

Writing more on this matter will not only make your blog active but will also promote the insight that brings people back to your blog.


6. Using Posts to Promote MLM or Ponzi Schemes

I do not mean that MLM is scam. What I intend saying is that people are no longer ok with many talks the MLMers are spreading. They want to force you to accept their products. When you buy more, they will see you as a possible sales person who has friends that may be interested in the products they sell to you.

Personally, I stopped MLM business or any form of it because of how wrongly they promote it in Africa. Many people do not like this too.

So when you continue to promote MLM to that point where almost all your posts will have a brand of MLM attached to it, you are only scaring your visitors from coming back to your site.

More than dangerous is the promotion on Ponzi schemes on your blog or website. Remember that these schemes may likely fail tomorrow and the reputation of your website or blog will definitely be at stake.

Above all, many readers will not take you serious if your blog continues to promote one MLM or one Ponzi scheme or the order when that is not actually what the site is all about.


What you can do

Seek out websites or blogs where they promote MLM or Ponzi schemes and go there to promote you MLM business.

Do not cluster your blog with information that people do not need at all.
If you see that a product or so that you are promoting can help your reader one way or the other, you can write a review about it on your blog.

What I wil do in this case is to announce that this post contains some MLM promotions.
Never use a title that will deceive your readers into reading an article that only has all intention to promote a product in your MLM programme or a Ponzi scheme.

Look at a title like this:

If at the end this programme that demands your readers to only work for 3 hours is an MLM or a Ponzi scheme, you have only deceived them into something they would not ordinarily wish to read.

Do well to avoid such deceitful titles.
If you most promote this kind of business idea on your blog, kindly mention it and make your readers decide to read or not to read.

Always respect the internet time of the people you are inviting to your blog and know that you are one option out of a million. Never make them run away from you.


7. Posting Un-Connected Ideas in a Group

Have you made this mistake before? Have you seen such posts like customs selling auctions like cars, etc on a Facebook group that has everything to do with health?

Such is a distraction and in more than 98% cases, people do not look at such posts.

You may also be making posts of connected ideas but the post may not be a wise idea for such a group.
For example, if we are in a group for genuine business ideas and you are making a post about MMM, this is a big turn off and people like me will seek to block you if I am the group admin.


What you can do

You will excel if you will stick to the rules f every group you belong to. Check for the connections and never go to extremes. Let your watch word be “relevance.”

Make yourself relevant in any group you belong by making posts that tally with the group ideology.
People have been dismissed from groups because of regularly posting irrelevant articles and especially those whose aim is to get people into business schemes.


8. Same Content Everywhere

Apart from news bloggers that worry me with same news for many blogs, the other set of bloggers that will never stop to amaze me are those whose contents are original but they continue to post it in every place they have access to on the internet.

This may simply be called spamming.
When you are wring on same topic and same idea using the same post for all entries you make, you are showing that you do not have much value.

Remember that people will not stop to pay for value even when you do not explicitly say buy.

I know of one inexperienced blogger who would make a post on his blog and copy same to his facebook group. He will also post the same item on his wall and send the same as email newsletter on his list.

At the end of the day, he still complains that people are not taking him serious.


What you can do

If you feel that your content is so powerful, make versions of it and post on your group and other places of your choice. Do not use one-post-fits-all method of posting.

While I do not recommend article spinning for this, you may wish to do a spinning on your posts and make extra effort to make a unique version of all the posts you wish to spread.

Always have a key post on your blog that you will point at and make sure that the search engines are looking in all the time.

While you want to make posts on your group or on your wall, try and be thorough. Remember that you are a blogger. Bloggers write enough materials and they are often always thorough.

The more you write enough content, the more it is possible that readers will find something meaningful to consider on your blog.


9. Keeping Quality for Sale

I have read a number of posts and articles that were well advertised only to find out that the topic was touched briefly and the rest of the material is for sale.

This is not a good sales idea.
When you make this mistake, you are inadvertently telling people that whatever important they want from you is only for sale.

Understand that the best things we have received were given free. Life is given free. Oxygen is found free.

So what stops you from giving something of very high value free to the people that located you all the way from Google or somewhere else on the internet?


What you can do

Have you seen some advertisements about some products that you like but you feel that this cannot be given free. Well in 95% of cases, I have found free e-products that of very great quality and most times, I have found helpful materials.

It was after reading one of such powerful materials that I read free, I decided to give free too.
Giving free does not mean that you will not have to sell your materials. You can, and you should.

All you need is to prepare enough materials for sale and many more for free. The more you have free items, the more it is possible that you will have requests for sale.

I once had a product that I sold for N6,500 on a newspaper advert but I decided to be giving it free despite its high value to my readers.

This did not stop me from making money instead it opened a new way for me.
Here is what happened. People who read the e-book still call back at me and request I build e-Commerce websites for them to be able to sell their imports.

Some of them seek further information and they enroll in my drop shipping master class.
So find a way of making services available from high quality free gift that you make.


10. Spamming Your Group with Your new Posts

I see bloggers post links to their newest posts on their Facebook or Whatsapp groups. This is a totally wrong practice. They think that this is a way to reach more people with their posts.

Sadly, majority of people who will find your posts are those who do not have interest on the subject of your posts.

The more you do this, the more it appears that you are spamming your own group because you have all the power to post anything you wish.

I have experienced this on some groups that I belong to. Bloggers make a short description and then follow with a link to their new posts.

This is the wrong way to do a good thing. There is a better way.


What you can do

Instead of making short descriptions and following it with links to your posts, write a good article and make the topic of you new post appear to be part of it.

Your post is resident on your blog, you can make a 500 word count post as a pointer to your post. This group post of about 400 to 500 words will be insightful and enticing enough to make people wanna read whatever that is part of it.

Let me leave this clue with you:

If you have written an article about drop shipping, you can make a group post like this one

e-Commerce gives people opportunity to sell anything they wish to anybody, anywhere on the planet earth. But there is one challenge that most people continue to experience. That challenge is lack of funding. In order to overcome this trouble, drop shipping was introduced. Drop shipping guarantees that an e-commerce website owner can sell products that he did not buy and get them shipped to any customer who has placed orders on his website.


Do everything to write enough on the subject of drop shipping not minding that you have a post that refers to it. At the end of you post, you may simply say:

On this post, I have tried to explore the concept of drop shipping and how it works. I have also been able to show you how profitable drop shipping can be and I believe that what you have read here so far can help you kick start a good drop shipping business.

But you may be interested to learn more about drop shipping especially on how you can source for products and deliver on time, I will recommend this article that I have on my blog,

DROP-SHIPPING: Sell Anything Online Without Buying It. 

It says much more about drop shipping.


What Next?

Having read this article, I am of strong opinion that you check whether you make any of these mistakes. If you do, work seriously at it because it will help you build more traffic and excel as a pro blogger.

There is nothing that kills the blogger’s efforts more than not having enough readers [Traffic].
So you got more work to do to genuinely build your traffic.

You can read my post

Promote Your Blog: 15 Most Effective Ways to Get traffic to Your Blog

to find ways you can drive traffic to your blog and sustain your experience as a blogger.
Remember that the more people you drive to your blog, the more it’s possible that you will make more money.

So keep on blogging to your success.

Mendoh Urch Olivers

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