22 Main Reasons Most African Bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE

22 Main Reasons Most African Bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE
22 Main Reasons Most African Bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Do you know the Main Reasons Most African Bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE? May be you do but I guess that many do not. That is the focus of this post.

I am making this post because many African bloggers repeat the same mistakes that cost others from making it online as bloggers.


Do We Even Need to Make Money as Bloggers?

I once read a post on Facebook where one of my friends said that she blogs only out of passion and not to make any money.

While, that’s her and not me and may also not be you. Most of us here while we blog our passion, we intend to make money out of it.

Look at the musicians. These guys love singing to the point that we can say its their passion. But a successful musician is not that person that only sings for passion’s sake. He is not that musician that comes out at the village square to simply entertain everybody with good music.

Nay! He is that guy that makes money from that passion while he enjoys doing that and making persons around him happy.


Who then are you?
Are you our passionate and never-making-money blogger or are you that blogger who makes effort to serve lovable information and in return makes money from his passion and efforts?

It is up to you tell the world whom you are.

Our concentration on this post is on those bloggers, yes African Bloggers, who are interested in making money out of their passion but are not doing that. These guys do everything they can to succeed but they are still far away from success.

Let us explore 22 main reasons 98% African Bloggers Don’t MAKE MONEY ONLINE.


Main Reasons Most African Bloggers Do Not MAKE MONEY ONLINE

Here are the 22 Main Reasons Most African Bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE. It’s my believe that you will find them a good tool for your improvement while blogging from now on.

My interest is to show these to you and help you find a solution to them.
There may be more and there may also be reasons to improve on this list over time.

At the comment section, do not fail to include some other findings that you feel ought to be in this post.
That will be very well appreciated.

So now, lets flow with the first of the 22 Main Reasons Most African Bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.


1. They Copy their Posts

If you find yourself in this trap of copying your posts from external places, you are really not blogging.
In one of my articles I mentioned something about being original.

Also Read:


This post highlights the importance of being original. Granted, no idea on earth right now is totally original. But consider this scenario where you were in an art class and an object is presented for you to draw or paint.

while each will focus at the object, you are never going to represent it the same way. Why? You are not perceiving it the same way and at the same point.

The same is true about writing. While the ideas we are writing may not really be our brain child, our version of it should completely be original.

Sadly, most African bloggers make this mistake and still believe that they will make money copying other people’s work.

Have you heard about article spinning?
This is one method they adopt when trying to steal other people’s work. In article spinning, they copy works by other authors and paste them into a software that helps to rewrite them. The key phrases and placed in varied positions and sometimes replaced with others that present the same meaning.

If you want to make money online, please you will do all you can to avoid such a nasty mistake. Build your work from scratch and make them grow to the best of your ability and knowledge.


2. They Rely on Adsense Alone to Make Money Online

The second most common mistake African Bloggers make that make it hard for them to make money online is relying on Google Adsense alone. The adsense programme by far is a very reliable means of creating wealth online.

If your blog commands big traffic, what can be better paying than having a good adsense programme running alongside your posts?

But Adsense has its own limitations. While it is a good way to monetize your website, it can disappoint you at any time. Invalid clicks that do not even come from you can ruin your chances on the adsense programme.

You can be banned anytime and from no actions of yours. Remember that if this happens, you cannot receive the money you had earned earlier.

Google has this stringent measure put in place to protect the interest of their advertisers.

The adsense programme does not pay much. So it requires very high traffic to make enough money on the adsense programme.

So instead of relying on the adsense programme, bloggers can find other ways of making money on their blogs and with their ideas.

You may wish to check this post also:

How to Monetize Your Blog and Create Unlimited wealth From Thin Air


3. Not Spending time to Read What’s Trending on their Niche.

I was chatting with a friend last night because she told me she needed to know about blogging and if possible start blogging. Instead of going all the way telling her to do this and not to do that, I introduced her to my blog posts about blogging.

after a while, she came back to the chat and said that she didn’t think that she could read all those.
While I praised her for being sincere, I didn’t hide the truth that cannot blog either.

She wanted me to explain what blogging is and how she could go about it but she could not do the very first things first.

As a blogger, you have the major responsibility of reading much in that niche you have chosen.
Are you into education? Do you wish to provide information about marriage? Are you going to be giving scholarship advice for foreign students? Will you be making updates on sports? Do you like to talk about celebrities?

Whichever field it is you want to get into blogging about, the most important thing to do apart from having broad knowledge is to always read whats new about that niche.


4. Do Not go After Their Own Write Ups

At the first instance I wrote that bloggers in Africa mostly copy their posts. Here, I have in mind what happens when bloggers make news blogs. They copy their news items and would never make their own news.

In my last post about mistakes made by African bloggers while they try to grow their traffic, I mentioned that they proliferate same news. In almost every blog that claims to be news you find out same news.

I tried to give a solution to that.
I mentioned Wisdom , owner of MyNaija Info blog.
You may wish to read the article again:

African Bloggers Traffic Mistakes Against their Fortune


5. Not Ready for Upgrade

I get worried when I see some people remaining loyal to ideas and knowledege they have been working with since 15 years.

While this on its own might not really be a bad idea though, there are many reason for upgrading. We live in a world that is ever changing and like Peter Drucker puts it, “The correct assumption is that what individuals have learned by age twenty-one will begin to become obsolete five to ten years later and will have to be replaced-or at least refurbished-by new learning, new skills, new knowledge.”

Drucker said that if we do not avail ourselves to change coming our way, it will crush us.

So most African Bloggers get crushed because they refuse to upgrade from the basic knowledge they have to something that works.

Find out if there is work you need to do to improve in the way you blog so that you may know more freedom and earn more while blogging.

Bloggers who stick to old blogging with free servers can agree with us that it doesn’t pay again doing that. Sadly some African bloggers are still doing that hopping to switch when it is too late.

Some too are not ready to make investments that matter in order to excel.
Find out what you need to do better and invest in yourself for improvement.

Attend seminars in your niche area. Read. Hire a coach. Ask for training opportunities that you may learn something new from. Just find out what you need to do differently.

I marvel when I see some bloggers who only want to see results before they can look for improvements.
The results you wanna see might just be tied inside some basic knowledge you have not found which are only available when you seek improvements.


6. Careless About the Health of their Blogs

Bloggers who become very careless about the health of their blogs hardly do well in their blogging career. To be careless about your blog means that you do not give in the best that your blog demands. It also means that you do not observe the best blogging practices.

So to be a successful blogger, you need to give in all the time that is required.
You also need to know what to do and what not to do in your practices as a blogger.
For example, you do not quote other people’s work without acknowledging them.
You do not use other people’s pictures without letting them know.

You are also careless about your blog if you do not promote it.
You simply want your blog to grow but you have no input at all towards making it grow.

This is onr evil that most African bloggers commit and they ruin their possible success in blogging as professionals. Do all you can to avoid such mistakes.


7. Almost Do Nothing About Traffic

This is one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE. They almost do nothing about the way they bring people to the blog. There was a time in internet marketing when the prevailing slogan was “money is in the list.” Today, money is in traffic.

If you have a blog or a website and you do not have a deliberate way you make people find your contents, it is likely that you are just passing time.

Blogging makes more sense if it can make money and blogging can make money if it can have people who visit it. So it is correct to say that blogging can only make sense if people do visit it. Otherwise, it is not worthy of anything other than a note.

If you want to make it blogging, if you want to make it online as a blogger, do everything you can to work at building traffic for yourself.

Granted, building traffic is one of the most difficult experiences and this has caused a lot of mistakes when people try to build their traffic the wrong way.

I have written a post that helps African bloggers avoid certain mistakes they make while trying to make people read their posts.

Read my article about traffic:

African Bloggers Traffic Mistakes Against their Fortune


8. Use Very Annoying traffic methodology

Number 8 on the list of main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE is that they employ very annoying methods while trying to obtain traffic.

Some bloggers rent traffic from sources known for spamming people’s emails and walls.
This is annoying and has a way of scaring people from reading your blog.

Some others spam their own walls and those of their friends with persistent posting of unwanted information and links. This is also a traffic method to avoid by all means.

Do you write on social media asking people to visit your blog even if your niche is  non of their business?

Do you send mass emails that continue to point people to your blog?

Have you paid someone to do the same for you believing that those people reached will be reading your posts?
Those are very big mistakes because they are not gonna guarantee that the people who visit today will visit again tomorrow.

We want to build a blog and create traffic of people who are hungry for the truth in our blog.
These people must come again looking for something new in your blog.


9. Spamming Social Media Walls

Looking at the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE, we cannot overlook the practice I see almost everywhere on social media. Majority of my students made it before I started coaching them. Some of my friends still make these mistakes.

They spam their walls or those of their friends on social media.

DO you know how they do this?
They make posts on their blog and take a link to their wall or their friends walls and want them to follow those links.

Have you done this before?
May be you have. Even if you haven’t, the temptation may be mounting for you to do the same that other people are doing.

Here is why you do not have to follow the crowd in this instance.
Ask yourself, have I ever followed such links when I see them?

This is particularly important to you if you are contemplating following what the guys are doing.

Instead of making their blogs sell, it hots them. So please never practice this method it doesn’t pay.


10. Do not Want to Spend on Promotion

I have tried to highlight main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE and it will not be complete if I fail to mention Ads management.

I never knew I would be advertising my posts until I saw one of the most celebrated post of  Strive Mesiyiwa online. Although this post was well articulated and written for the African man of our era, Mr. Strive Mesiyiwa ran a Facebook Ad on it.

Mhen! I began to ask why a “best selling article” will still have a commercial ran on it.

So the truth is that running ads on our posts make them spread fast and help us build our blog in  a short time.

Sadly, 98% of Bloggers in Africa have not come to see any reason they can promote their blogs through a paid means.

Remember that I said before that a blog that is well read is a blog that earns more.

Do everything you can to promote your blog because that is a way to make it online.


11. Blogging is Not a Business for Them

I once told about one of my FB friends who said that she only blogs for passion and does not have interest in making money from her blog.

Well, this is a mindset created and it goes a long way to ensure that she does not make money from her blog.

This is among main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

For majority of people we read their posts, they do so for doing so not because they have any interest in making money out of what they do. I am not one such people that is why I make money with my blog.

So if blogging to you is to fulfil a passion and not as a business, you will enjoy making huge posts that earn you no money at all.

But if you are like people like us, who make effort to create value, to make posts that people will enjoy reading and learning from, and as such make money from this effort, your blog will be a business for you.

Have you read this article on this blog?


This post shows that you need to register your online business.
If I will expand it, I will say that you MUST register your blog with the government if you want to get more serious and make more money.

The watchword is Get Serious with your blog and make it online as a celebrated blogger.


11. They Have no Products for Sale

Someone may think that we have not come to sale things as bloggers. This is one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

If you must make money online and succeed, you MUST have something or many things for sale.
Let me show you what I mean.

I started the thin air cash blog last September and I have written 3 books that are ready to go live on this website.

One of such books is BLOGGING and Its PROFITS.

This book takes you all the way through blogging and shows you how to monetize your passion.
The truth this book tells you is that there is virtually no niche that does not have people interested in them.

One of the most selling niches on the internet are amezingly weight loss and quitting smoking.
If such niches will sell, what about great niches that answer numerous questions people ask or solves many of mankind’s problems.

You can start making money online when you discover the best way to create your own products for sale on your blog.

You can sell e-Books, CDs, Seminars, Adverts, Audios, Other people’s products and events, etc.

Find these items and you will be surprised how fast you will start making money on your blog by selling products.

Your blog can also be selling physical products.

I have been selling MY WATER POT on a dedicated e-Commerce blog that I started sometime last year. Each day I receive turns of calls and make sales from contacts that come from that site.

So if you do not have any tangible product that you sell and you also do not have e-products, then its likely you will not be making much on your blog.


11. Get Rich Quick Mentality

I hate to say this but it is one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.
Most African bloggers started blogging because they found mates are making money online and on their blogs and before you say Jack Robinson, they have started a blog with the whole idea of making quick cash.

It doesn’t work like that buddy.
Blogs will make you money but you must feed them. If your child must do well at school, you must invest your time with him, buy books for him, as well as give him good food. You will also need to read for and with him and help out in his homework.

Take your blog as training a little child you want to grow into a well behaved and reliable adult. You must have to invest into it on your time by making meaningful and well researched posts all the time. You must grow it.

You can’t be rich blogging if you do not find out and apply what is required to be rich in blogging.


12. Reasons for Blogging are Not Defined

Every good blogger must have a defined reason for setting up his blog and while honing this passion will make money out of it.

Personally, I love writing so much and developing a blog was a great opportunity for me to explore writing. That was a big reason for me to keep my blogs going.

So the more I needed to blog better, the more I went deeper into research on how I can be a good blogger. Doing this was not only fun but was also creating a pattern in my life that I have never changed till today.

Writing became simpler and more attractive.
So when I learnt how to make money from my blog, it just looks like I was exposed to secret to great wealth.

So the best you can do for yourself as an African blogger is to isolate from the group of many reasons and options, why you wanna blog and make the chief of this group your reason, your drive for blogging consistently. This will lead you to making money.


13. Choosing Already Saturated Niches

Due to lack of direction and preparation for professional  blogging, most African bloggers choose niche areas that are already saturated. This is also one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

If you count blogs made in Africa, majority of them are based on one form of news or the other. Must it be news blog?

What has happened to health? What has happened to religion? What has happened to security? What has happened to dog training? What has happened to growing flowers? What has happened to tailoring? What has happened to many other niche areas that people in Africa are not talking about?

Check your blog and see if it is following niches that are already saturated like making money on the internet, University news, News posts, celebrity gist, etc.

If it does, you may not be making money as fast as you may wish.


14. Not Ready to Invest for Modern Blogging Tools

I once told a blogger to buy a premium theme for his wp blog and he asked me why. I tried to explain when he said that it is a waste of money. Will you have same mentality for a business you trust that will make you rich soon?

Such is the attitude of most African bloggers. They would never wanna invest in their blogs.
We have just about a few plugins that you may need to buy.

You may also need to get an upgrade for the theme you are using.

You may need to make your blog perform a tack and you can’t find a free plugin to do it for you.

For example, you may need your visitors to subscribe to your email list and believe me, you may not find a very good plugin to do this for you. Investing on aweber may simply be all you need at that time.

Or you may need to have an ad popup for your opt-in programme like PopUp Domination.
Such popups that come up when a web visitor wants to hit the close button.

Such demands a little investment and you will not like to do that. Then what else will go?

15. Poor SEO Motivated Themes

SEO mean a lot in blogging and in online marketing.
Without a good SEO management, your website or blog almost becomes irrelevant.
If you master the art of blogging, you will learn that some themes will only worry ur SEO.

Such will not be good experience for you and that is also one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

To get it all well, work hard on your SEO and obtain themes that will help ur SEO fly.


16. Always Looking to Go it Alone

If you are a blogger and you want to go it all alone, you may take longer time to land. Doing it all alone is one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

Instead of simply setting up a blog and always doing your work no matter how slow, locate people you can train to help you.

Find collaborators to work with. Explain your goal explicitly and seek to work with people whose interests are closer to yours.

I have always had a theme of like minds who work with me and these are special people.
Find others who will cue in to your success path and all of you will enjoy.


17. Knowing it All

Unsuccessful bloggers do know it all but successful bloggers believe that there is always something nes to learn.

Successful bloggers ask for help but unsuccessful bloggers brag and never ask for help even when they are sinking.

Successful bloggers attend seminars believing that there is something different they can learn from the presenters but unsuccessful bloggers ignore seminars and training and feel that google can teach them all they need to learn

Knowing it all is one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

Are you a successful blogger or are you an unsuccessful fellow who goes on deceiving himself under the guise of a blogger. You will not make it online if you are one. Hard truth!


18. Inconsistent Posting

When you find a blogger that easily goes off track, you have just discovered someone who will struggle to make it online.

the internet community wants someone to be totally consistent.
It doesn’t favour you when you swap opinions and swerve your position.

This is also one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.
They are inconsistent and they feel overwhelmed at how possible people continue to post many aspects of the same opinion without getting away from track.

If you are making this mistake instead of money, you already know what to work on.


19. Lacking Commitment

Commitment demands that you take one aspect and work on it until there is nothing left of it to work on.
You don’t easily get distracted.

Most African bloggers lack the commitment they need to excel as bloggers. This on its own is one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

20. Never Engaging With their Reading Audience

This is a lesson most bloggers learn the hard way. They learn this lesson when they have already failed.
And I can tell you that this is one of the main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

These bloggers make good posts and people love reading them. They then fail by not finding a good ground to make a connection with their readers.

Before we can make money from someone online, we need to spend enough time with this person. That time would be good enough to convince him we are genuine and have all thet he needs to succeed.

Blogging alone and having many people read from us may not guarantee blogging success.

So I will suggest that you find a way to connect with your readers and make them comfortable to read and reach you.

You may need to be ready to answer their questions or making pm chats with your social media plugins.
When readers make comments commend them even if they are talking trash.

Use every opportunity to prove to be a master.

Also make your readers depend on you to solve their problems by being on ground to give the first answer towards solution.

Offer to research for a reader that posses a questions that you do not have immediate answers about.


21. Not Disciplined and Organized

Another main reason most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE is that they are not planning. They lack organization. They lack the discipline they need to be cool bloggers.

They don’t have time set aside for reading, for meditating, for reading other blogs, for researching what’s new, and for making posts.

To them everything goes.

To be successful and make money online, you need to be defined and also to define your success by being more organized.


22. Easily Giving Up and Starting a new blog

The last of the 22 main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE is that they easily get off and give up once things are not getting the way of their plans. They give up because people are not visiting their blogs instead of working on their traffic.

They give up because people are not buying their products instead of boosting their products on ads.

They give up that people who visit his website are not converting instead of looking for how to improve their engagement level.

So pls, dear African Blogger,
Get busier, get focused, get serious, Make blogs, make money, be happy.

This can only happen if you master these main reasons most African bloggers Do not MAKE MONEY ONLINE and do your best to overcome them.


Pls. do this for me to help me make money online too

It is my believe that this post will help you correct errors that make other bloggers not to succeed.
There are hundreds of thousands of other bloggers around Africa who somewhere else who really need this material and may not connect with me.

I implore you to share this material among your friends and family.
Also, ask any questions or make any comments on the comments area and believe me I will respond.
Thank you very much for being here

To your success!

Mendoh Olivers

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  1. Thank you so much for you educative post. I have a challenge which i want you to fix. I Can design a website and host it but do not how to blog. Please tell me all i need to do so that i can start blogging.

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