How does the idea of creating companies sound to you? This post will reveal 7 IDEAS TO START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING. The truth is, we look at creating companies as so daunting an idea that we do not see small ideas fitting into company settings.

This post will reveal to you that an idea as small as Story telling can be a good object for setting up a big company that will grow into a multinational. May be you need to simply think about the background of Disney World.


Register Your Business/Company First

For you to do anything I am about teaching here the right way, I will remind you that the first move is to register your business/Company.

If you have not read my post on registering your business, kindly do.
That post can be found here:


Registering a business will save you the risk of eventually losing your business at the time it begins to thrive. In future, I will make a post that will reveal, in steps, how to go about setting registering your business/company in Nigeria and Ghana.

The process is actually very easy and the government now allows individuals to do company/business registration on their own without the help of a lawyer or a chattered accountant.

Registering your business is actually the first step and this will help you have peace of mind in order to continue doing your business.

I am aware that people are often afraid that they would be charged with Tax and because of this most businesses go underground without registration. Well, this is a very poor idea and have made many people to remain where they are in buying and selling instead of growing as  a business.

At this point, I will suggest you go ahead and read the post I mentioned while we commence the business of this post -7 IDEAS TO START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING.



The idea of Drop Shipping had been posted on this blog several times and I feel you just have to get back to one or two posts on drop shipping.

See the following posts and you will be surprised at how wonderful a company you can build with drop shipping as the principal idea.

DROP-SHIPPING: Sell Anything Online Without Buying It

22 Drop Shipping Products Anyone can Sell Online

Drop shipping is actually a business whose idea is to get products from a seller and transfer them to a buyer while you earn money from giving your own price of same product.
Let me explain this concept.
In Drop shipping, you need a website where you will display products that are not directly sold by you. On your website, you will need to give a price for the products that you have already selected for your drop shipping site.

The beauty of drop shipping comes when someone who visits your drop shipping website decides to buy any of the products you are selling.

Here, he makes payment to you via any means with which you collect payment.
Then, he leaves details that will help you ship the product(s) bought.

Now, instead of you to import the products and ship to him, you pay the actual seller of the product and give him the address of this customer who has paid for the products on your website.

The seller now ships directly to the buyer with your details as if you are the person doing the selling.

Here’s why this kind of business make much sense.
You will never spend a dime on the business and you stand to gain so long as payment was released.
This is the kind of business where you earn your profit before buying or selling the product.

In normal buying and selling, you buy a product to resell while in drop shipping, you sell a product to buy it. This is why it is One of the 7 IDEAS TO START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING


A Company Quality Idea

Drop shipping is a company quality idea because it will create a business for you.
Another reason is that you no not spend money to start it.

You also will not need much ideas or much experience to effectively do drop shipping since the product ideas and how they work belongs to the owner of the business.


  • Register Your Business
  • Create a Drop Shipping Website and start advertising it
  • Source high quality products to drop ship
  • Promote your business regularly until it has gotten enough customers to stand on its own.
  • Define how you will receive your payments
  • Hire people to help you do the business

I can politely tell you that you can find other useful ways to create a company with drop shipping ideas.
More especially, I will implore you to read through the drop shipping post on this blog.


2. e-Commerce Motivated Business

The second of the 7 IDEAS TO START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING is based on e-Commerce ideas.
I will show you what I mean with the experience I have with my wife’s business.

My wife is into Crafts and she makes handbags and sandals with ordinary rope and twines.
Let me show you samples of the work she does.

Knitted Kraft Centre

Knitted Kraft Handbag

Knitted Kraft Sample HandBags 2017


I have shown you so far what my wife is doing but how does it translate to building a business that earns money even as she sleeps?

The Knitted Concept Idea was created for this purpose.
My wife has registered Knitted Kraft Concept as her business name and I have commenced doing her website to sell these creations online.

Believe me, my wife sells a great deal of this online even without having a dedicated website.


This is our plan for Knitted Kraft Concept

That this is going to be a company that trains young people on creating with ropes and twines.
The Knitted Kraft Centre will also coach ladies and gentlemen who want to use beads to form powerful products. Already, my wife is an expert in designing with beads.

The Knitted Kraft Centre will also sell its designs around the world and it will do this exclusively online.

Doesn’t this whole thing make sense to you?
If you check what I have on mywaterpot.com and how much sales I make online selling water filters produced by other people, you will understand how far selling crafts online can lead to great wealth.

Believe it or not, you can create a company from nothing if you can master a craft and tailor your online business on that craft.



  • Register your business
  • Surround this business with the craft concept you want to promote.
  • You may need to have an office or simply work from home
  • Create an e-Commerce website that will help you sell your designs and be sure to stock it with the freshest products. This will not only beautify your store but it will also attract new buyers.
  • Promote your business. Please know that it is not yet a business until you can depend on it to solve your financial needs. This is only possible if people know about your business.


3. Create an Information Marketing Company

When we started doing online business, majority of us had only one Nigerian mentor and his name is Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase. Dr. Ojeagbase sowed the best seed in the minds of most of us. I became a member of Information Marketers Association of Nigeria even when I did not find a reason for doing that.

Today, as a coach and trainer, I now know more. I now understand more. I now value more what Dr. Ojeagbase was saying back then in 1999/2000.

In the Information Marketing class, we were told that what makes the whole difference is information. Some of us continued to wonder how information could make us rich. But today, having sold information for more than 10 years, i know better.

Let me show you what I mean by that.

I was in a class taught by Mr. Alex (Late now) sometime in 2009 as he demonstrated the usefulness of Alkaline water. As Alex taught the class and demonstarted how to test the pH of water, many people in the audience were simply amazed.

Although I saw it as a good programme, I was also thinking of how I could replicate Alex’ effort to my own good.
While every other member of the class was thinking of how to use Alex’ very idea to market people on the Mineral Water Pot, I was thinking of how I could train the people on how best to market the water pot.

Sadly, Alex died.
The entire distributors of Dynapherm became helpless that there was a very urgent need to replace Alex. Guess what, I was chosen to start giving the same training Alex was employed to give. At the time, I was about 1 month with the company.

It was at that point that what I was learning about information started to make more sense to me.
Instead of teaching and allowing the people guess at what I taught them, I created a soft landing for them. I gave them some materials to go home with.

Those were the practices that lead to writing the book WATER CAN HEAL.

At the very day of introducing the book to the information hungry distributors, I sold 500 copies to an audience that was below 250.

The distributors were so carried by the teaching that they wanted to buy more books to share to their friends.


This is why I have told this story?

When you create information that looks very scarce to the people you are dealing with, chances are that you will start creating new pattern of wealth for yourself. I did that with series of books and CDs that I produced after making good success at the initial stage.

You are reading this post because I drew your attention with a topic that you like.
You also feel that after reading this article something in it can help you to START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING. That is why you are still reading.

What will happen if I show you a video that has 7 businesses that are started from simple ideas like the ones I am showing you here? Your interest will increase and you want to find out why.

And what if I have a material that shows you step-by-step how to go about forming a new company and getting all the money you need to startup without going to the bank?

For sure you will be highly interested.

Once more, what if I show you somewhere in this country where you can access a lone of N5 million if you are able to show the business plan that will motivate the lender to give you money without interest? And what if this information requires that you do nothing than fill an online form and submit your Business plan and proposal?

You see, information can really make you rich if you know how to deal with it.

In future, I will be writing exclusively on The Business of Information.


Why Information Marketing Can help you START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING

A company can thrive with good products. Are you asking how information can generate products? Well, when information solves a problem and it is well packaged as handy solution for related problems or to fill a need, that information is classified as a product. That is why we call it information product.

My book Water Can Heal is an information product.
If you have seen a book like How to Sell Online and Make 100,000 a month, that information is a product.

If you see an information that reads something like: How to Pass WAEC in one sitting  or How to Study Abroad without JAMB and WAEC, you have simply seen information products.

Have you seen a Video that tells you Why men die before their wives and what you can do to avoid this, you are seeing a classified information product.

If you see an e-book like How to Retire Young and Healthy, you have seen an information product.
Seminars and Webinars are information packages meant to generate money for the organizers directly or indirectly.

Membership Sites and Facebook Groups are also examples of information product/marketing packages.


So what I am trying to say here is that people are already making good money packaging information that tend to solve problems or create safety or relax people and this is called information marketing.

You can find what area of information that you have a plus; market it at your very best opportunity.
You are reading my post and to you its free. Yea, I will never collect any money to allow people read my high quality information products on this blog.

But the truth is, someone is paying me to bring you my site. Someone is telling me that he will pay me so long as more people are interested in what I write and come to my site to read them even when they are not sure that something new is here.

I have friends who have created big companies only on information they produced themselves.

This company is the corporate identity they work under.
This is name that is given to the bank just in case someone wants to make deposits to me.
This name makes whatever you do look real and authentic.
This name is what you protect when you do not make promises and fail them.
This name is what draws people to you and make them wanna stay.

Find a name and make it work for you
Create such products that tally with what the name stands for
And then, you will succeed.


4. Car Tracking Company

May be you have heard about Car tracking before. With the high rate of car snatching and local car theft, it has become very serious advice to install car tracker on your vehicle right from that spot you bought it.

It is interesting to note that most car dealers do not give car tracking services. Individuals can start car tracking business and make themselves known to car dealers who recommend them each time someone buys a car from them.

Today’s technology has made it easy for anyone to start this kind of business.
You can actually start it without having prior knowledge about it.
All you may need to know is how to buy the car tracking equipment and how to set them up.

Happily, there is an uncountable number of dealers on alibaba.com who promote high quality car tracking devices. These guys give you all the training that you need to start off.

I will suggest you try finding out for yourself by visiting alibaba website.



  • Register your company with Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Create a website that will show people what you do.
  • Hire a few individuals (if you have the money) to help you promote this business.
  • Promote the business with any means you feel necessary and remember that if you don’t say here I am, no body will know that there you are.
  • Serve as a company to gain trust and build your business on that trust
  • Create some videos that will help you win more clients for yourself.
  • Prepare materials that will help you give handy training to your visitors.


5. Start a Website Creation Company

When I conceived the idea of 7 IDEAS TO START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING, the first idea that came to my head was Website Creation and here is why.

I have created websites for people and organizations since 2005. I started creating websites when we had frontpage express as the one and only tool for creating good looking websites. I used dreamweaver as time progressed and today, things are a lot better and easier.

I know what it is you can make when you start programming web pages.
In a single month, I made close to N2million creating websites for 2 schools.

Garland School Result Checker

In resent times, I created a website and produced the scratch card with which students can find their results online. Take a looks at the garland school card attached.

Although building a website of this nature as we have on garlandschool.com.ng may require a little programming knowledge, that should not deter you.

You need to remember that we are talking about Starting a company. The idea of a company does not stop with you. To be a company, other people are allowed to be part of it. If you want to start a webdesign outfit, why not find someone who can make web programmes and who can build beautiful website and partner with him.

This will guarantee that you can have good jobs done and that is the first attraction before your marketing can do any magic.



6. Start a Storytelling & Documentary Services

Do you know that storytelling is a big business?
Well, some people are thriving doing this. Remember that you do not need to only tell true life stories. To me, giving true life stories is so risky and takes a long time to get approval.

Forming your own stories is what actually sells. You can use storytelling to form IDEAS TO START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING. Believe me this works.

How can you Create a Company that Only Tell Stories?

Telling a story is part of life and people enjoy stories that help them feel better or make them learn something in life.

You can also use stories to teach little ones or use them also to promote good behaviour at home and avoid bad character.

For stories to perfect as business, they need to be arranged in several formats.
You can arrange your stories in Audios or Videos

You can also arrange a story in a Book.

Games can also be used to make impressive life lessons learnt and they are fitting for today’s kiddies lifestyle. 

Now think about creating a company whose main business is to create Videos that teach children morals.
In this company, we will have video illustrators, Artists, Story writers, Computer people, Film directors, Programme managers, etc.


It’s time to think how this can be fitting to what you can do.


7. Security Systems Services

I once posted on this blog about a security system that helps an individual monitor his home even when he is thousands of miles away from home. Guess what, the equipment for this kind of security system can be bought from many shops in alibaba.com.

The idea of having this as part of  7 IDEAS TO START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING comes from the growing need for home security in recent times.

Think about setting up a company that helps people whatch their homes and see who is intruding in real times.

What I like most here is that the system is not expensive and you can have a deal same day of introducing it to a home.

I will leave you o think best how to make this work for you.



The ideas I wrote about on this blog are not most powerful ideas but the are great ideas that can help you set up a company quickly. I have called them  7 IDEAS TO START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING.

If you reason along what I have written, you will come up with something even more fantastic.
Try something different today and don’t wait for it to look too wonderful before you can start.

If you need to further find details about the  7 IDEAS TO START A COMPANY FROM NOTHING that I have written above, kindly contact me and I will help you.

To your success.

Mendoh Urch Olivers

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