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Google Adsense: Why Most African Bloggers Are Not Approved | Thin Air Cash

Google Adsense: Why Most African Bloggers Are Not Approved

Google Adsense: Why Most African Bloggers Are Not Approved
Google Adsense: Why Most African Bloggers Are Not Approved

Google Adsense: Why Most African Bloggers Are Not Approved.
If I should put it more correctly, I will ask, “Why are most African Bloggers not approved for Google Adsense Programme?”

This is a question asked a million and one times.

If you had ever seen the picture on this post, it means you have defied all odds to gain approval of a key online business being (Google).

Some years back, it was a breeze obtaining a google adsense approval within a few hours. At that time, you will find some people with multiple Google Adsense Approved Accounts.

It was actually not uncommon to find people who have more than 100 accounts fully approved and ready to make money.

But in recent times things have changed.
Google now demands a full proof of a serious business before the status to make money online through Google is given to you. You now earn google adsense, you no more create it.

What is Google Adsense and Why is it almost impossible for 90% of African Bloggers to Get Approved?

What is Google Adsense?

I will not like to define Google Adsense but I will explain it.
Google is a search engine known and used by millions every single day. And due to Google’s coverage, there was need for google to start serving advertisements to billions of people who use Google every month.

Logic will tell you that Google alone cannot fully serve the advertisements on their websites alone. So google created 2 programmes, Google Adword, and Google Adsense.

Google Adword is Google’s programme that collects advertisements from companies, organizations, individuals, etc who are interested in leaving their advertisements with Google.

And Google Adsense is the platform that enables Google to serve those adverts on other websites outside the google platform.

So the meaning is this; if you own a website, it then becomes possible that you can earn good money if google agrees to post paid advertisements on your website. Google has done this since June 18th, 2003.

How Does Google Adsense Work?

In Google Adsense programme, targeted ads are served on approved websites to run alongside the contents of the website. Now if a website visitor either knowingly or unknowingly clicks on any of those ads published on the website, the website makes money for the Owner. That is as simple as ABC.
Now begin to imagine how Google Adsense can make people rich if what they do is only to bring people to their website and make money when those same people click on Advertisements served by Google.

This resulted in  too much click frauds until Google learnt better ways to sanitize the system.
When Google learnt that majority of the website’s publishing Google advertisements are doing so only to earn click money, they re-programmed the system in such a way that websites will now have to qualify for the adsense programme through many criteria.


The essence of this post is to highlight some of these factors and why African Bloggers are still not getting approval despite reading the requirements from Google firsthand.

Brief on What is expected to qualify for the Adsense Programme.


A website must have good content before Google will approve it. Most websites were approved in the past even without one page of post.


Explicit Website Privacy Policy

Google expects that websites do not use the information served on their websites for any third party business without informing the people how they are gonna use their supplied data.


Definite Contact

Google wants to verify that the contact information you use on your website is actually yours and verifiable. So they expect that you supply same contacts for yourself as the applicant and the website as where you do business.


Authentic e-Mail Address

Google wants to be sure that the email address you are using for the website is connected to you and not a kinda hit and dump stuff. So when you apply, it is expected that you have same e-mail account for the website and your application


Authentic Applicant

Google wants to verify that the person applying for adsense is real and owns the business of the website.
You don’t expect them to approve your application when the application is done by another (ghost) remote person from the website.



Google expects a comprehensive and well written page that contains information about the applicant or the business. Talk about who owns the business and if possible the relationship the applicant has with the business.


Now, what I wrote above are actually what Google expects from you.

They are not openly written as bold requirements but my experience with the programme, having gotten many approvals and many un-approvals, I have learnt what Google really wants from you.


Google Adsense: Why Most African Bloggers Are Not Approved

Why are most african Bloggers not approved for Google adsense programme. This is another way to ask why most African Bloggers are not allowed to make cool money online through the easiest means.

Well, apart from some of the rules and expectations written above, there are many more reasons African Bloggers still fail to get approval to serve Google ads on their websites.

Let us look critically at some of these.

Not following the rules

The African blogger that I know wants to jump all protocols. They want to make money online but hardly will like to stick to the requirements. They feel that they are not important.

I was surprised to hear from a blogger that he had never ever read the complete set of rules by Google on how to get Google Adsense apporval.

So ask me, if someone has not read all requirements from Google directly, how can he gain the approval which depends fully on doing what the rules say?


Low-Quality Posts

The African Blogger has said to himself, “there is no need toiling to research and to write something from the scratch.”

So what he does is to lift his posts from sources related to what he is writing about.


Must it be News?

When i see some websites meant to be blogs, what i see is set of copied news items from other serious websites. Everybody is posting news on his blog as if news is all there is to be a blogger.

So, must it be news?

Let me show you what you need to do in order to gain approval even on your first application.


Invest Well in Your Business

Each time I see blogs on free servers I laugh. At the end someone will say, “please review my site to confirm if Google will approve my request for Adsense programme or not.”

It is very ridiculous how people want to join a business as serious as serving Google advertisement on their websites and they want to get everything free.

The bad news is that you are not gonna make adsense approval if you do not like to stick out some dollars to buy top level domains.

Google also allows you to use Google’s free blogging platform Blogspot or Blogger.com to start or run your blogs. Ironically, you stand a chance of getting approved to serve ads only on blogspot or blogger.

You can also set up a free YouTube adsense account and get approved within 24hrs.
But the main things vests on where you can serve your adverts. When you get approved on adsense for youtube or blogger, you cannot use same adsense for other websites. Thus you are limited on opportunities to make money the way you like.
My Advice:
Spend a little money and buy TopLevel domain for your website.
At worst, you will be spending about 12 USD to do so.

Also find some low-cost hosting services you can use for a start. That way, your website is powered by self hosted platform and you can control virtually everything.
Find low-cost or even free themes or templates to use on your website. Be sure that the theme or template will fit your work well. Some themes or templates are not ideal for every kind of website.

Be sure that the theme you wanna use will enable you to project your Titles and Menus the way that everyone will see them without second-guessing.

Google do not like it when people hide the menu of their websites.


Follow all the Rules of the Game

We had earlier mentioned some rules by Google of the Adsense programme.
If you want an approval from Google, it means that you will not need to toy with these rules.

Take your time and examine these rules and see how you can apply them.

Let me show you some things you need not do about some of the rules


Quality: Make meaningful and good quality posts.

For this to happen, you need to post at least 600-900 words per post. The post you are reading is more than 2500 words and it makes more sense because it will contain enough information.

Do not Copy your posts. This is the trouble with most African bloggers. They use subtle ways like article spinners to copy and edit articles written earlier and convert them to their own.

This is bullshit for someone who claims that his work is to write articles for people to read.

Spend time writing articles from your ideas or experiences. Do not copy them. You can read articles and hit the points in your head. If you really understand what you read, its possible that you can write related things your own way.

Must it be News? Everyone that I see in Africa who claim to be a blogger is serving one form of news or the other. News items are now synonymous to blog posts. Ironically, people have come to see bloggers in Africa as those who write news on their websites. Hahaha!

I laugh because news blogging is no more that serious a way to earn adsense approval.


Let me give you a hint

I can earn a Google adsense approval within a week with a niche in Examination Malpractice.

I will dwell on
–  Why do people engage in Exam cheating?

  • Who engages in exam malpractices?
  • What benefits do the organizers derive?
  • What is the future of education?
  • What age brackets are into it?
  • What is the family saying?
  • What is the government doing?
  • What hope for Education?
  • Must you go to High institution to be rich?
  • Suggestions on how to pass exams without exam malpractices
  • Suggestions on how to read and understand
  • Suggestions on how to write the exams
  • Suggestions on how to prepare for different types of exams
  • Suggestions on how to spend the night before the exam
  • Suggestions on how to Comport yourself during exams
  • What to do when you are implicated in an exam hall
  • What to do when every other person is involved but you do not want to get involved
  • What to do immediately after writing an exam
  • How to be sure you will pass an exam
  • How to prepare and write for an exam even if you are not up to taking the exam.

Well, I can list up to 300 topics that I can write under exam malpractices.
Now it takes about 20-60 well-tailored, related, personal write ups to get approval from Google.

If you are able to constructively write 30 of these topics, I am sure that even if it takes you 2 hours to write them, Google will approve for you.

Please note that Google is not really investigating how correct or accurate your write up is.
Google is only interested in How Original you can be.
Google is only interested in How informative your article can be and not how correct.

Google is interested in the length of your article.

Google is interested in your use of grammar -not to mark you for Use of English but to be sure that your write-up is readable.


So it’s not all about News all the time.
Do not use a news website to ask Google for approval, it will take you much time and many more articles to get approved.


Again, I have noticed that most News websites use auto-blogging software or plugin on their websites. What does this do?
It craws news from other websites and brings them as part of the bloggers write-ups. Sometimes, the blogger will spend just a little time to modify it.

this is nonsense to Google and so, such blogger will not expect any approval so soon.

Get Ready First

Before you can start posting articles on your blog, you need a good plan of what you intend to achieve.
Please read this article about planning your blog:

Planning: How to Plan for And Create Very Rich Blog Contents

The problem most bloggers in Africa have is that they start blogging by blogging from the start.
Yes this is a play on words but it means that they fail because they do not take their time to plan before they can blog.

You cannot successfully write posts without planning for them.

You can’t successfully and consistently write related articles for your blog without planning for them.

You can’t keep an audience by making meaningful follow-ups and deliberately answering questions from readers without planning for them ahead of time.

So planning is the key to a successful blogging lifestyle.


Pull Enough Content

I cannot over-emphasize the need to write enough information for Google to access you. Here, I wish to say that again because content is king. Do not be deceived to think that you can impress Google with well designed images and animations.

While those are also good to beautify your website, they are not gonna rank you high before Google.
What scales you up is your content.

So spend enough time to formulate information that will take someone sometime to read. This has a way of keeping visitors longer time when they visit.

But remember that boring information will never keep anyone. If a visitor has the habit of finishing a post, a boring information can deter him from coming back again.

This will frustrate your traffic which is also a point to start considering because traffic is the next agenda to worry about after Google has given you approval.



While it is every blogger’s dream to make money from his blogging efforts and we have noted that Google adsense is one of the best ways to do so, it is clearer now that more than 90% bloggers do not get near to being approved.

What you have read from this post will help you chase off the ghost hunting your approval.

Remember to

  • Follow the rules
  • Write High Quality posts
  • Not copy posts from other bloggers
  • Write posts that are not news related
  • Get Ready first
  • Pull Enough Content because word count matters
  • Take your domain serious
  • Identify yourself, your contact, etc
  • Be specific with Privacy
  • Do not hide your Menu

You are good to go now and apply for Google adsense after you have met with the suggestions on this post.

To your success!


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