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thin air cash banner-1I decided to run this site after I discovered how easy it is to create money from simple ideas. You know what, people do not know how much they carry heaps of money in their minds while they continue one endless search for money. The truth is, money exists in every individual’s mind and head but the problem is to harness it.

Let me teach you the simple techniques that have lifted me from penury to greatness -creating most of my money from no where but thin air.

I live in an environment where a simple declaration of earnings is perceived as pride. You don’t freely say “let me teach you how to create wealth.” You will be seen as money conscious if you will use a statement like these: “I make money even as I sleep”, “I can help you create unlimited cash”, “I got much money”, “I am wealthy, I created my wealth from the internet.” However, the truth is that you can create endless amount of money if you understand how money works.

I remember reading an article sometime ago and a line said that money is like the butterfly. The more you pursue it, the more is gets far away from you.the more you seek for it, the more it becomes obvious that you are chasing it and it runs far off from you. The best way to capture a butterfly is to attract it by presenting a flower and remaining still.

I learnt a great lesson from that story.

I stopped chasing after money which is still what millions of people on earth are doing today. I read up hundreds of motivational books. I read self-helps, I read internet business books, I read how to’s; but most importantly I read the techniques of blogging.


Sometime in life, and as I was enquiring into how people make money from just no where else but ideas, I used to imagine how organizations like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc will give off everything free. Google will give you a space that can contain your entire computer free of charge. wow! But friend, think about this. If Google doesn’t succeed, how come Google now employs hundreds of thousands of people on earth? If Google is losing, how come Google pays you each time someone follows you to your website and clicks on a free advertisement Google places on your website or blog? If Google is not doing well, how come Google is one of the best performing stock on global stock market?

Friend, let me surprise you with serious and very realistic figure that proves that giving free still creates wealth. October 2014, Facebook purchased the world’s most renown messaging invention/website/application -whatsapp. Do you still remember how much Facebook finally paid to take over the entire whatsapp stock? $22Billion. Fine! But do you know that this amount is mightier that the entire budget of the federal republic of Nigeria? Dec 22, 2015, the president of the most populous black nation, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, announced a budget proposal of N6.07 Trillion. If we convert the purchasing amount of Whatsapp by the current dollar rate in Nigeria today (350), Whatsapp was bought for N7.70Trillion. Yet, both Facebook and Whatsapp are free.

What’s the secret continued to worry me until I was introduced into e-Business and Online cash invention. Somewhere in this blog, I will show you what I found out and how it affects the entire universe of online business. But the foremost idea is like giving the butterfly the flower to petch on and remain slill as it mounts on your hand.


You too can give the flower to the butterfly.

You can create money from giving out things free. but all there is to making money from thin air is not about giving free but creating value and giving value out for free. I will teach you how this worked for me in this blog.


About Thin Air Cash

Thin Air Cash is a programme that teaches you how to create money where it doesn’t exist. If you open your computer and start typing some words right now, you don’s assume someone will pay you if you had no prior agreement for him to do so. Again, it will be foolish to write what you like and beg people to read and pay you. But the internet has made it possible that this can happen. That is the very idea behind thin air cash. However, this payment hardly comes from those write ups but from activities surrounding the readership of what you write.


For example,

If you had been a teacher or a guidance Councillor in a school, it is possible you know certain behavioral attributes. Lets say you can write on juvenile delinquencies, your write up can touch a parent who has been struggling to succeed with difficult children. Do you think that this parent will not always come back to read from your ideas? That is the beginning.

Now this site will help you harness such opportunities you can create by bringing people to where you give them ideas for free.


Sincerely, there is no better way to create wealth but by doing so out of thin air. Enjoy the regular posts on this site to find out how you can create a consistent income from doing the same thing you love doing but doing that differently.

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