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IDEA BANK | Thin Air Cash


Well named!

This is my concept on this website and it is created to regularly write about creative ideas that can make you millions if you should work with them. I want to particularly point out that these ideas are not always purely mine. some of them I will publish from other sources on the internet. Rest assured, these ideas will be worth a million.

You and I know that creating worthwhile ideas that can make someone money is not easy to come by. But friend, let me tell you the truth, making money has never been easier. This is the only time in history when you can make money from virtually anything you are able to do. If you are able to write something, believe me you can be super-rich. If you know how to something that others value, like playing a guitar, you can become extra rich. If you have one ability that people envy and wish they were you, your wealth can be created over night. If you have a clue on doing something which people have been doing but you have a clue on how to do it better of quicker or more efficiently, people will pay you to learn your tricks. That is the whole essence of business.

So on this website I have chosen to give you ideas that will make you money. Some of these ideas are purely mine but many others will be borrowed from their owners who have succeeded with them.

If you want to Visit my wealth of IDEAS, you are welcome.


We want to further separate making money ideas on this website. We are separating all making money opportunities from Online business ideas. If your interest is on online business ideas, we have created a category on this website responsible for publishing useful ideas on what works and why what doesn’t work. You can visit ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS to be able to read posts that concentrate on how you can create huge financial empire only by working online.

We really want to appreciate your interest in doing business online.

This will create for you more time to share with your loved ones -friends and family. It will also make you more reliable income if you master the art and act of doing business online. Sadly however, many people fail to make a dime online because they have always followed the wrong suggestions.

So what this category will centre on is what really people do with regards to a particular make-money programme that does not work. We intend to help people focus on what works and how best to do them.


Once again welcome and rest assured that we feel you can make money from thin air. Only place your attention on our round-site illustration that money is like a butterfly. You don’t chase it. Give it a butterfly and it will follow you home. While your interest may just be to make money from reliable and legit methods, our candid advice is, DO NOT EXPOSE YOURSELF.