kellerquoteA company that sold encyclopedias door to door hired a particular salesman without giving him any form of interview. HE was later trained through letters and emails. After a time, he started selling encyclopedias. Three months later, the company sales manager tells the president, “boss, this guy is a sales guru, he has just broken our company all times record.” Then the boss recommends that other sales people should find out what magic this guy uses to make even the most difficult sales.

A week later one of the sales people replied to the boss and he said: “Boss, I met the guy one-on-one, he has a severe stuttering problem.” Then the manager wanted to, “how can he sell?” he asks. then the sales manager replies: “He knocks on doors and when people open he asks, ‘would you like to bu…bu…bu…buy an encyclo… cyclo…. cyclo… pe.. pee… pe… pedia? or would you ra… ra… ra… ra… ra… rather …. I…. I…. rea… rea… rea… read it … to to.. to you?’ so they buy.”

At any time in life we have something to complain about. some of these complains are discouraging and some can easily be handled by thinking what next to do.

Can you grab the reason our sales man succeeded? Can you try to determine what life challenges he has? What can you call his greatest advantage on his business? To all three questions, the answer is one and the same -he stutters.

If you can stop looking at your life challenges and focus on what you can do with those challenges, it is likely your challenges can become your greatest advantages.

Challenges can be reversed.

Remember that Hellen Keller was blind, deaf, and dumb but she created wealth as well as became a great writer despite her obstacles and life challenges.

Nick Vijucic was born without arm and legs but he remains a living legend with most of his advantages coming from his challenges. He commands motivational talks at stadiums and people all over the world crowd up to hear him talk. He has been blessed with 2 children.

What are those life challenges that weigh you down and make you believe that you are worthless? you can challenge your challenges and and beat the bully of your life within. You can defy your birth and acquired circumstances. You can gain from your pains.


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